Sunday, June 17, 2012

A day at Fraser's Hill - Part 1 (Allan's Water)

About a month ago, a friend from primary school found me via FB. We connected and started talking. So unbelievable we could still recognize each other and reconnected!

I had to clear my leaves brought forward from last year, so my friend said, let's go for 1 day trip!

So, he scheduled and our journey was as such: Ulu Yam--> Fraser's Hill

Nice scenery on the way~

First, we had brunch in Ulu Yam~
Loh Mee~~~~

Fresh from water....清蒸白须公... super fresh super yummy!!
The meat is fresh and texture almost like chicken.

^_^ happy face every whenever on holiday!

When we arrived in Fraser's Hill, we went to Allan's water first~

Operating hours for your reference.

Yen Chuan, my long lost friend is smart enough and brought along food for fish.

Attracted so many fishes!!

I think nobody will feed them... only visitors do....

fight! fight! fight!

How to cook them? LOL

15 mins ride is only RM6.

It's quite nice to ride in such lovely weather~

Very busy. Paddling while talking on the phone.

Path to the other side of the pond.

Like the peace~

Like a path to an adventure!

Does this look like a painting?

It was alone, can quietly enjoy its food.

Beautiful flower on a beautiful day~


Testing water temp. wtf

Natural fish spa.

Then these 2 cute girls came to join~

Then the papa also~

Big big smile~
2nd girl camera shy~

Albino grasshopper?

Go green! Go green!

Does this look like a snake to you?
I got shocked and jumped a little when I saw it right after I turned over >.<

After boat riding, we went to the smokehouse for afternoon tea and walked around in Fraser's Hill ^_^

Happy working peeps!!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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