Sunday, December 25, 2016

What I did in Cameron Highlands

In July 2016, I drove to Cameron Highlands to meet a friend that I knew from a FB group. My mom tagged along and met the couple. It was really a wonderful trip and I'm now planning to go again!

So here's to share what we did there :) 

Visited some nurseries to look at those beautiful plants!
That's how I got addicted after purchasing some succulents and cactus from Cameron Highlands.
I've 92 pots now :D 

The time tunnel museum~
A Go-Go! Mom's era ^_^


Sunday Holiday!

F&N was once my favourite.

"Holland water" hahahaa

Spotted anyone you like?

There! It was once Darkie hehehe

Movie time, anyone?

Looks like my aunty's coffee shop~

Best steamboat ever!
Name: 老字号 Lai Zi Hao

With only charcoal, the soup keeps boiling. Even better than gas!

Sunset view from our room.

Cameron Valley~ such beautiful view!

Then visited my friend's rose farm

Meet Coco!

Can you see me?

Hello Xiaobai~ 

Running like the speed of lightning!

The two super obedient dogs! With their beloved masters~ 

Coco's cheeky face!

And she :P at me~ 

Xiaobai's beautiful eyes!

Bathing without a leash on. How obedient! 

Xiaobai just patiently waiting for her turn~

Then she started dozing off... LOL

When there's treat, there's concentration!

She's so manja!!!

Such an ugly pose! LOL

Coco, hand! 

Chewing on her chewies :D 

Then we were brought to a local restaurant for lunch!
A special vege, that could only be found in Cameron Highlands.
Very very yummy!

Asam stingray!

Claypot taufu with egg!

Another vege~ We love vege~ 

Lavender Farm at Tringkap.

Must try its ice cream! Very smooth and nice!

My friends brought us to Boh Tea Plantation to have tea!
Look at those cakes~ salivating!


That's the place we had tea! 

Then we headed to mossy forest :D 

So foggy~

Like a magical forest~

Steamboat again~~~ ^_^ 

Some pictures at Cameron Valley before we went back to KL

It was such great fun and relaxing trip to Cameron Highlands. I'm planning to go again in March, 2017~ Miss the steamboat,my friends and their cute cute dogs!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyefetes --