Sunday, July 17, 2016

My relaxing 4D3N trip to Langkawi

I'm really lucky to get 6.5 days of paid leave before the end of fiscal year where I've worked for only 4 months! Since everyone in the family was going to Japan for holiday and I couldn't afford it, I booked a flight to Langkawi!

I've only been to Langkawi for one time during my primary school graduation trip. LOL! So I wanted to revisit and experience what has changed. Flew there alone and rented a car at the airport~

I think it was not peak season, I rented a manual Perodua Viva for only RM 150 for 4 days :D
The rental does not have a fixed price, just depends on how you bargain for the price~

First stop: Underwater World
RM 33 with Malaysian IC.


Rock-hopper penguin~

Coin pressed - must do!
RM 5 for one.

These........... I find them super eerie!

Met a smiling stingray~

Looks so puff!

Hey! What lipstick are you using?

This is so cute!

Wanna kiss me? ♥

Nemo the clown fish~

I've no idea what this is~

Very sneaky~

Beautiful jelly fish~

Tiny seahorses~

LOL..... all the way to Langkawi to have KFC~

I went to the Bellis Spa Langkawi almost everyday to get massage.
All reasonably priced!
Package for 2 hours cost only less than RM 200 :D
You can checkout more info here.

Fruits here are difficult to find and expensive.

Satay though, quite reasonable! RM 6, chicken + beef!

Another place to go: Wildlife Park.
Entrance fee: RM 24

Sho sho sho cute~

Grand parrot~

I always find flamingos are really funny. Why?
Their reverse knees!

I bought food at the entrance, 5 different bags for different animals.
RM 6. But actually the staff will keep giving me food to feed them~
So you don't need to buy actually.

Ducklings~ Awwwww......
But they're the roughest during feeding.

All the foxes are asleep when I visit.
So so so cute!!

Foxy: ahhhh.... sun! Let me block it~

I think they are twins. LOL

This feeling...... :)

A quiet little one~

I like this one~ so chubby ^^

Mouse deer~

So colourful like Lego!

They said it's a sign of luck when you see peacock spread its feathers.

I guess I got lucky in some scenarios during the trip :)


Oh where art thou my love.....

He has some serious thought.....
A monkey with blue balls. LOL

The most polite monkey I've ever met :)
I tried to give him a few kuaci at once, but he just took it one by one gently.

Horn bill named Charlie.

I see sadness..... :'(

Yay!!! Another coin pressssssss :D

Headed to the black sand beach for lunch.
It was sooooo good!

Fried squid~
Fried rice + fried squid + drinks = RM 14.50

Go down from here to the black sand beach.

The local told me that there is something wrong as the beach is not so black anymore....

At Eagle Square~

Different angle of the eagle~

Pantai Cenang, another tourist spot.

I like this

When I was walking on the beach, those beach boys thought I was from China or elsewhere.
Till I answered: Orang Malaysia la~~~ (I'm Malaysian)
We all laughed hahahaa

Waiting for sunset...

All colourful beanies... looks so comfy!

Can you spot the moon?

Such a coincidence!

Time to say goodbye~

Very good steak! Only RM 21 I think...

Followed by Shisha that made me dizzy... LOL

Breakfast with mushroom soup, less than RM 15.

Turkish kebab, so so so good!

Cheese Naan :D

It was about to rain when the plane was about to land.

That's all for my solo trip to Langkawi~ It's indeed a great place to chill and enjoy every bit, be it alone, with family, with friends or with your partner. I quite like Langkawi ^_^

Thanks for reading!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --