Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brain? No, it's Otak.........

One fine afternoon during the weekend, I decided to have lunch alone and some quiet time with myself. I walked through the restaurants in 1U, and saw this place quite unique and nostalgic. Suited my mood that day, so I went in.

It's the Otak-otak Place- "food and memories u ♥" is its slogan.

I quite like its environment...
simple, but creative.

I'd say it's a good place for family/ friends gathering.
The setting and decors are so nostalgic! I likey~~~~

Like its "chandelier"~

The play oldies softly...

I ordered Barley limau, one of my favourite drink.
And I'd say it's the best I ever had!

And Nasi Briyani~
The rice is so soft, I like.
The chicken in the rice is so tender, I like.
The Papadum is so crunch, I like.
And the two small portion of appetizers are wonderful!

They've fried onion in the rice, so while chewing the rice that is so soft, there's some crunch too!

They have the cutest table "number" ever!
The fish monger's daughter in Happy Family!!
In order to bill, you have to bring along this card to the counter =)

If I'm not mistaken, this meal cost me less than RM15. So worth it for that price that I get a delicious meal and a wonderful afternoon with myself. =)

Have a happy weekend!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Head tilting to the right....

23/4/10, 6.30pm.

I was getting ready to feed Lulu and Brownnie, as usual. Brownnie was fast sticking around me as always, but Lulu still sitting there, not responding. I called her a few times, she doesn't wanna move. Usually, she would response, although finding her way difficult as she's blind, but she'd move. But not that day.

After settling the food for both of them, I went to pat and sayang Lulu. She just continued to lie there. Then I sat there and observed her. I found something is wrong with her. She kept tilting her head to the right, I looked closer, both her eyes too kept moving to the right, in rhythm.

Then she stood up, she couldn't walk straight and kept slipping and was like going to fell. She fell and slipped a few times later. Then, she kept going round and round, making a circular movement. Then she started to like about to vomit, could see her body moving forward and backward. Then she vomited.

That night, she ate only bit of rice. Her favourite food is rice.

24/4/10, Saturday.

Mom woke up and saw Lulu continued to vomit another puddle of yellowish liquid (those were acid btw), so we brought her to the vet.

She fell and slipped a few times and a bit dirty, so I put on my shirt for her... she seemed comfortable in my pajamas.

Since she couldn't balance herself, she's lying most of the time.

I put her behind the seats with Mama accompanying her.
Can see her head still tilting to the right...

The vet asked us a lot of questions like did she go out, mixed with other dogs, being knocked, ate anything poisonous like tick medicine, since when this happened bla bla bla~~~~

Then, the vet said, he worried it might be Lulu's liver is not functional well, so the toxin in her body couldn't be release and flowed to her brain and the toxin is causing her brain not functioning right. Then he asked us to wait outside the room because he needed to withdraw some blood for blood test.

It was something painful to Lulu... because she had never taken any jab before... well, except yearssss ago when she was being spayed. I peeped through the window glass and saw her struggling to be jabbed...

**btw, Lulu weights at 15.5kg!

After the struggle, I placed her on the bench...

She has to take these 3 medicines: vitamin, antibiotic and one for her stomach.

We crushed the tablets and mixed them with can food and dog biscuits.

Still tilting to the right...

Shaved leg...

Shaved neck... I don't understand why they have to draw blood/ serum from here...
Must be hurt... sob..
Can see the pigmentation clearly... she's old... very old. 98 in human age.

Resting after eating...

Brownnie looked emo.
But I think he knows nothing, as he's still the big silly happy dog as usual.

Sleep through the afternoon~
Rest well.

Dinner time, I made the mixer of food and medicine again.
Lulu has to take medicine twice each day.
Brownnie giving me the "why can't I have it" look again....

We had never given Lulu to have can food before.
The aroma must had amazingly increased her appetite as she swallowed everything in seconds.

Brownnie all emo sitting by the "garden" cos didn't get to taste one bit of Lulu's food!

I helped Lulu to get back to her place (she likes to sleep by the door) and Brownnie came accompanying her. :)

25/4/10, Sunday morning.

I slept only at 3am, then the vet called me early in the morning and informed me that Lulu's blood test report has come out. No virus infection is found and her liver and everything is fine. He asked me to go collect the report later.

So mama and I went there before lunch. The vet told us, the report is fine. The hemoglobin, white blood cells, acids in liver, protein, calcium and bla bla bla are all fine!

So he said, there are only 3 reasons that causing Lulu being like this in veterinary:

1. She has brain/ ear cancer.

2. Meniere's Disease.

3. Cause couldn't be justified.

He gave us steroid to give Lulu and see if it would help her. He said it might also be something is swollen/ infected in her ear or nerves. So the steroid would help the infected area to cure.

Not sure is it whether there are too many tablets and Lulu could smell the medicine. She refused to finish her food now... I had to put the food on my hand and feed her then only she nibbled some. I've fed her for 3 times at dinner, still one quarter left.

Hope she'll be alright. If it's her time to leave, I just hope she could just leave peacefully without sufferings. She's already blind, better don't get anything worse to worsen her situation....

I better go feed her now.... Eat up Lulu~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nithia's Engagement

Nithia, my beloved colleague that sits next to me every Monday and Tuesday. She's one very nice and knowledgeable person that is very different from others in her own way.

Last Sunday, 4th of April, was her engagement with Krishnan. The ceremony was held in a temple in UPM. A few of us gathered in office and Kabi drove us all there.

We were late because Subash was late. LOL. Luckily in Indian ceremony, they don't have to sit down and watch. So nobody will know you're late. LOL.

It was my first time to attend an Indian engagement ceremony. So I was quite excited! :D

YAY! for the couple~~~

Getting ready to sign the "contract"... Nithia looks like a corporate woman.

Reading the "R&R". LOL

Couple thinking: When are we going to have that cake?? It looks delicious~"

YAY~~ cut cake~ can have it soon~~

Come, Ahhhh~~~~ mmmmmm~~~~

Nithia's papa is feeding his son in law to be~

The food that is served that night.
Awesome!! I love Papadum and Putu Yummy (I forgot the same, so just put Putu Yummy)!

With Kabi and Nithia, both girls immediately look like dwarfs here.

Zhu Zhu and Nithia.
Aiyer~~~ so cute la~~~ like my cam got fish eye effect.

The power "punch" girls!

Very happy for you Nithia!
妈妈说:“yer~~~~ 脚站开开”...

We're the members from SG team.
It will become history very soon.

Take #1, many were not ready yet.

Take #2, nicer. :)

Hehehe... cute girl looking curiously at us.

I wish Nithia and Krishnan happily ever after~ Can see that they're quite matching and Krishnan is one good guy. We all agreed about that. :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Friday, April 9, 2010

悼念同事- 小文

This is an entry dedicated to my colleague, Ivern. He passed away at 10.30am today due to virus infections in his lungs. He was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks ago and stayed in ICU and never came back to work.... May you rest in peace.
















Ivern,我衷心希望你已经on the way 去极乐,一路好走。




May you rest in peace and I'm sorry for being so childish and mean......

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To dear Chel Chel

Our dear Chel Chel has left us here to suffer the stuffy and polluted air and flew to the kiwi land and is now enjoying the fresh air!

It is just less than 1 week she left M'sia and I'm missing her liao.... sob~

Before she flew away, we gathered to farewell for her at Gardens, The Curve.

Artsy pic...

Mashed potato... not bad.

Fried Calamari... looks good? Tastes worse.

This is me.... Ah Hua~

Something made her happy...

One nice pic using Lesley's cutesy camera~

Another artsy pic...

Pin:" Ahhh~~~ So nice~~~"
Chel:" hahahahaha~ enjoy as much as you can. I'm leaving soon~"

Coincidentally all 3 of us were in floral prints...
Well, mine was more like colourful..

This is without flash... damn nice!

e@curve at night...

This is just a short post... wanted to do something for her, but she didn't have time for me. So this entry is shorter... half shorter! Chel Chel, it's been a dream of yours for so long and finally you're living it now! Enjoy every moment, be careful, be cautious, take care and stay in touch always ya? Muaks~~~~~ xoxo

p/s: I will stay here and do countdown de.... ;)

Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes