Thursday, August 27, 2009

Date with a hot chick and a cute babe

It was Sunday again, what's better to do??? Hanging out with babes of course~~~ So Zoe and me, went to 1U again. Yes, again. But we had another babe joining us today!! She was Ting Ting~~~ the cute babe :)

Ting goes to church every Sunday, so we waited her in Padini Concept Store.

Like............ I had not had enough of sleep.....

Ting Ting then called Zoe, she joined us in Padini. Then we headed to.................................. Sushi Zanmai. Yes!!! Zanmai'ing again~~~ We just love sushi, more accurately, Japanese foodddd~~

Sushis on the conveyor belt going round and round~

Arranging the sushi in plates nicely~

I didn't order black caviar sushi... I got this Chuka Chinmi (seasoned scallops) ~

Zoe's tempura.

Zoe and tempura~

Never ever miss Soft Shell Crab Maki in Sushi Zanmai~

On special, cheezy lobster~ WOOT!! WOOT!!

A closer look. Seducing???
I felt like it's saying "eat me~~~ eat me~~~"

Ting's Ebidon. This is good. I had it last time.

My Chicken Katsu Udon~~
Cute lil mushroom~~

Left behind was the shell and the salt. :D

And Sushi Zanmai serves this desert now too?? hahahaha
Zoe bought it from the Jap shop next to Sushi Zanmai~
It was definitely good!! Yummy~~~

After wandering around, we ended up in Parkson. :D But that was the most dangerous place to be. Zoe................ spent how much there?? One Dior lipstick, 1 Elle handbag and 1 T-Joue Emma Habo Bag. You count for youself.


Zoe: I'm the man, you're the lady.

Here came Ting~
She's so tiny... tiny tiny tiny bit~

I think I've gained a lot recently. No, since the day I started to work. =.=
Bloating like a balloon. Humphh!!

Personally, I like this one ;)

大头照 (big-headed picture).

Feel like pinching her face >.<

Jenn: You're exactly a big bird now!

Ok, this is better.

Looking tired....

Still smiling a little~

The day we discovered our potential in modeling for Padini. LOL.

Time to go home~ We hung until 5pm++ Tired xiao weyyyyyyy~~~

My "war trophies".
Masks~~~~ lots of them!!
Mascara, blusher and eyeliner.
Sales until 31st Aug only. Had to fill in for stock. :P
(lame excuse)

Hoho~~ another trophy~~~

It could be very 'formal' look as well.

Nice?? I think it's really gorgeous and unique.
I like unique stuff.

Ok, on MC today. Going check-up for my eyes. My sensitive and precious eyes. Hope nothing is wrong with them. Oh, and my dilated pupil will back to normal asap~ @@ Ciao~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The new Veet- spray on hair removal cream

Veet recently has this new hair removal cream, a spray on type. Girls that go party and dinner often, having nice smooth smoking hot legs is very important! With the new spray on method, you can have nice smooth smoking hot legs in just 10 minutes (spray, wait, wash) without hassle.

It comes with 3 variants for you to choose, Lotus Milk & Jasmine, Shea Butter & Lily, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

I'm lucky enough to get 3 of them, with a hot pinky handbag.

Cute right? My mom wants it. ^_^

It was quite a nice combination with my dress code when I got it. :D

Here's the 3 bottles of spray on cream.

Oh, with the new design of bottle, you don't have to shake it before you use it. Nice.

Okay, if you know me well enough, you know I don't have much hair on my legs and no hair on my arm. Yeah? Lucky me. :) But still, I want to try this Veet on my legs :D

This is the best picture of my leg, trying to get a pic with the visible hair.
I think it turned out.... uhm.... you say??

For myself, I chose this one.
I love Aloe Vera.

My moussed leg.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock~
Times up!!
Remove the cream (and hair) using this perfect touch tool~
It was nice to play with... like a wiper wiping the car's windshield. LOL.

After removing the cream, rinsed with water.
Felt so smooth and supple~
It's my leg, I know the feeling now :P

Ok, time to sleep. For anyone who would like to have a try on Veet, let me know. I'm more than happy to share the bottles :D Thanks for reading :) Ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy moments in AMM

Since I've been writing so much negative issues working in AMM, I'm worried that you guys might think working in AMM is such an unlucky thing. I want to write something happy now :) Working in AMM is not that bad actually, especially with my lovely teammates around.

Besides the clubbing kakis I got, deserts and treats are food that I receive once in a while ;)

Wah~~ Ferrero Rocher from Zoe~

This chocolate from Pacific Regency, taste soooo delicious!!
From JJ~
She made me thought I had an admirer in the office. :(

Ethan went to Taiwan and brought this back ^_^
I likey~~~

After we celebrated Zoe's bday, she gave these to me ^_^

With a note and smiley face~
Now I know why I've been growing horizontally since I joined AMM.

Lesley went to Taipei and brought this delicious desert back!!
She left it in the fridge and told me to get it.
I burst into laughter when I saw her note.

The wrapping is very very beautiful~~~

It is 果冻 (something like jello~) from Taipei~
4 flavours in a box, chocolate, raspberry, original and 'dark sugar'.

This is raspberry flavour.


"Dark sugar"
All three flavours were delicious. But I love raspberry flavour more ^_^

Enough of food, now is the time for HUMANS!!

The two happy friends in AMM.
We'd be so bored and life would be so difficult if anyone is not around. @@

The the happy 'three' friends. :D
Luckily Ting is now here.
She's getting along with us VERY WELL!!

Zoe: Eh baby, you're very pretty with the double eyelids la...
Can't be seen in this pic tho.
Jenn: You xiao (crazy) ar?? Want me to cry every night is it?? (Ya, I cried the night before)
Zoe: Eh..... No.
Jenn: Then how do I get double eyelids??
Zoe: Eh..... I don't know.

Ting passed by and........ *wink*

This was the day when Zoe and Ah Zi Miao (Ting) didn't come to work.... :(

But luckily, I had Zoe's neck rest and earphones.
Away from the reality~~~~~

Some other team mates that I did not mention here, I thank you all for being there, making the work place better and more lively. :) Without you guys, my 4 months time in AMM would be like 4 YEARS!! Seriously.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--