Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of the year; last day in Uni

Today is the last day in year 2010. I wouldn't say nothing much has happened this year or many things had happened as I myself is not so sure too.

So I'll just share, the last day I had in Liverpool John Moores University - The Dean Walters and also John Foster Buildings.

Time passed really quickly. We had done 15 assignments and 1 exam in less than 3 months' time. It was incredible that we all could make it. :)

This is the lecture hall.
For almost every morning, we were the earliest group to reach, not 1 day less.

With the girls~~~~~~

This is Belle. She's a very nice girl.

With all the lovely peeps. I miss the time.


A picture with the sign.

And silly poses started~

The champion in balancing? Blah~~~~

The Statue of Liberty..... with a leaf.

HA HA HA. Picture of the year. Looks like I jumped high. LOL

Introducing you, the campus centre where all our assignments were submitted to.

In front of the campus centre, there is a green meadow.
Looks like I was "half flying half lying" on the meadow, but I was actually on a bench :)

A tree hole! *without Easter egg though*

The 3- headed monster. :P

Behind me, is the library. Nice building.

This is our tutorial class, with one of our tutor, Zoe.

And this is with Ned, the cutest person I've ever seen. :)
I miss you Ned.

The Dean Walters Building where we had our tutorials.

Ivan trying to strangle my with his legs.

The place for media, critical and creative arts people~

And some pictures at the John Foster Building on a warm sunny day~
I really miss the uni life. T_T

Pretending looking for Easter Egg. :P

My noob and nerd face.

Always on the phone!!

Very easy to find this flower.... they're everywhere! Love it lots~

Happy New Year peeps!! May it be a good and peaceful year for everyone. Moving forward with hope and joy!! :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Monday, December 20, 2010

The "ho ho ho" month

Less than a week and X'mas will be here!! What's so special of this day actually besides it's the day Jesus was revived? Every year, I'll be thinking of something different, but it has never been different. When I thought, YAY~ finally, something different, it ended up as................ a LIE.

Well, that's my destiny~ I can't change it no matter how anyway. So........ just let it be~ Like how I treat each year to be. Let it be~ let it be~ let it be~

A day with mommy, lunch at Kenny Roger's.
Vanilla muffin, mom's fav.

Ho ho~~~ Mashed potatoes and cheese macaronis are always my choice.

Looks nice, tastes like MSG. Hahahaha

Fish & Co reopen after renovation in 1U.
Fried Calamari is always my choice too.

And...... cream garlic mussels!!

Dinner before stage performance.
Very very heavy meal, homey~
I was the only one who managed to tuck all in.

Lunchie with Zoe at Pasta Zanmai.
Her burger meal~

My cream sauce pasta.
Yes, I've no creativity in food ordering.

This was dinner with friends previously at same restaurant.
Unagi spicy pasta.

Wafu soup pasta!!
The awesomest!!

Scallop pizza~

Teriyaki chicken pasta with onsen egg~

And this is same as the above, just that it's rice.

X'mas shopping with Zoe at 1U.
Ho ho ho~ Santarina Zoe's here.

No, I'm one stingy fella. No pressie for you. No. Tarrak. Arimasen. Mei you.

Deco this year. Like an ice skating ring.





Zoe:" Xiu di di~~~ you want candy????"


People mountain people sea.

The 幸福小女人。


European style? Konon la.... cos the fake tiles are falling off making people tripped. hahaha

I think you like X'mas tree a lot.

Bag pipe performance in M'sia.
No need to watch in Scotland :P

Then sis came back from SG for a few days.
Dinner with Mama and sis in Canton- i.
Mom's dumpling soup wantan mee.

Sis's wantan mee with pork rib and char siew.

Tofu!! Crunchy on the outside, tender and smooth inside. Yum~~~~

Roast goose. 1/4 for RM48.
Mama said, can buy 1 1/2 roast duck ady. Hahaha

1st and last time to try.

Hehehe... another fav dish of mine. Silver fish~

Total to bill, RM142.15. I paid the bill. No, not bolsting about me paying the bill. After the dinner, we went to Shojikiya. I took 2 boxes of chocolates and 2 boxes of Meiji chips. Went to the cashier, crap. No more cash. Double crap, I don't have credit card.

So I asked mom, got money ar?? Mom answered, of course la. Who knows, she got only RM10 or 20!! LOL. Then she said use credit card lar~~~~ The cashier then said, sorry, RM50 and above only can use credit card. Luckily, there was a third person, my sis with RM in hands that she just changed. If not, it would be double embarrassing to put back the junks. >.<

A despo of alcohol. Had Shandy and Meiji chips while watching tv.

One fine brunch at Dome.
2 Mango Fandango please~~~

Creamy Seafood Pasta made me went insane!
The prawns! The mussels! The calamari!! The sauce!! The taste!!

Seafood pie.
I prefer chicken pie :P

All dressed- up, konika moment~

Mr. Monopoly. He's a bit too... uhm.... thin?

Love the loves.

May everyone has a wonderful last month of the year. *me too thank you*

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--