Monday, September 21, 2015

What to eat in Bagan

Overall, food in Myanmar is not really cheap if you have it in the restaurants. As we are unable to speak their local language, it is very difficult to order the food. So here I've complied some restaurants that I've been to in Bagan itself.

1. Queen
Address: Wetkyiinn Village, Nyaung Oo-Bagan Main Road

Thai fried rice - Kyat 2000
The pic doesn't show, it's actually in the shape of heart :)

Pork curry set, comes with side dishes.
Local set meal it says in the menu - Kyat 4000

2. Black Rose Restaurant
Address: Main Road, New Bagan, Myanmar.

Mandalay Beer - Kyat 2000
Quite nice, like it!

Some hot soup with lots of garlic! FOC~

Beef curry - Kyat 3000

Beef burget - Kyat 5000

A very special salad, Ponny-wort.
Very nice and special! Kyat 1000

3. 7 Sisters Restaurant
Address: 3, Street & Nwe Ni Street Corner, New Bagan.

Nice ambience they have.

Cute decor and lightings :)

While waiting for the food to be served.... :D

Bokeh~~~~ ^^

Noodle soup with chicken - Kyat 3000

Fried vermicelli - Kyat 2500

They have papadum too! Kyat 2000

4. Be Kind to Animals The Moon
Address: North of Ananda Temple

Cute cup they have~

Cosy environment they have~

Tamarind Juice, so refreshing! Kyat 1500

Not so appealing scrambled eggs - Kyat 300

Carbonara - Kyat 3500

Potatoes salad - Kyat 2500

Back to 7 Sisters again~
Myanmar black tea - Kyat 1000

12 kinds of vegetables soup - Kyat 2500

Sweet and sour fish - Kyat 4000

Carbonara - Kyat 5000

Hope this is helpful for you that are travelling to Bagan. Overall their food is good, portion is big enough for me. If you prefer authentic western food, Be Kind to Animals serves better.


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2 girls and a trip to Myanmar - Bagan (Part 2)

There are more than 2200 of temples and pagodas alone in Bagan. If you need to view each and every one of it, it will take up to 6 months to visit all of them!

There are actually old and new Bagan, more temples and pagodas in old Bagan of course. So you might want to consider where to stay. I stayed in new Bagan for 4 nights and I find everything is good there! No complaints :)

So everyday I start the day:

1. Breakfast at guest house
2. Rent an E-bike
3. Ride around old Bagan
4. Lunch
5. Wait for sunset
6. Dinner

Every sight in old Bagan is unique :)

Super hot stairs. No footwear allowed. 

Horse and horseman resting.

Of all the sand art artist in Bagan I met, she's the only one selling smaller size ones. 
I bought 3 from her :)
Ko Luen, I'll remember.

Then I bought some art crafts from this lady.
She was carving names on the items I bought, without additional charges.

Serious in her work and details.
Hard work and clean money, earned by herself.

Clear blue sky~

Rocky road~

That's our E-bikes, red and blue~ :D

I have no idea since when I started liking old buildings... :)
They are just so beautiful!

Go up to higher level to have clearer view.

Every view is just beautiful~

The beautiful handicrafts :)

The Tharabar Gate at Old Bagan.

Ananda Temple, very fomous.


Beautiful sky~

It was a really hot and sunny day~
Advantage part of it? All pictures look good!

I've no idea what are the names of these temples and pagodas.
Not stated in the map too.

Bagan is a very dry place.

The three sisters.

Glaring sun. 

Pisa tower in Bagan ^_^

In the middle of somewhere, there lived a family....


Fun time passes fast.
On the way to Mandalay.

I will try to post a plan and spendings summary the soonest!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --