Thursday, December 27, 2012

East coast road trip - 2 (Mersing/ Air Papan Beach)

The next day, we had our breakfast at this very local family business before started our exploration in Mersing town.

Very tough uncle helping out.

Very homey taste~

很有亲切感 ♥

The landmark.

After we checked out from Embassy Hotel, we drove for 20 minutes and got to Mersing Beach and Mersing Port.

Love the trees around~

It looks like a tortoise from far....

A big big treeeeeee

Nice walk~

Horse and pony spotted~

Tik tok tik tok, this is a broken clock! Hahahaha

Some flower~

Fisherman keeping his net~

Love this shot :)


Very bright colours.

Bee bee bee~

Another side of the beach, nice!!
The fun of driving along the east coast, you can stop and admire the scenery any time ^_^



Weather was too good, too sunny!!

Frodo and Gandalf?

Clear and blue sky.

Pin Pin! Thanks for the big ass hat you bought for me~~~
I got lesser sunburn :D

The beach resort right opposite the beach~

Little yellow flower~


Coconut trees~ ♥

Kids love the beach~


This looks like in Lang Tengah~

Sea breeze calmed me down and blew away my frustrations.

Rocky rocky beach~ (Please use Vincent's melody to sing)

Breathe in~ breathe out~ I'm recharged. (But I think I need to get charged again now)

Next station, Rompin!

Very hot, thank you ice lollies ~

Next station, Rompin, where we found surprises :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

East coast road trip - 1.2 (Mersing)

After departed from Kluang, we arrived in Mersing - a friendly small town full of surprises :)

It was around 6pm when we arrived at Mersing, drove around to find place to stay for the night. Saw this Embassy Hotel, allowed us to look at the room first, then only decided to stay or not.

It was quite good, clean. Just RM 55 per night.

The outlook of the hotel.

Right opposite of the hotel.

RM 55 a night, good for me.

Clean and bright everywhere.


Beer price list :P

Back alley also "got feel"~


At night, we had dinner at this restaurant, food is superb!

Claypot taufu.

Fried Sang Mee~

Bitter guard soup~

Then, the restaurant's signature dish, fried squid stuffed with salted egg!

Awesomely good!!

The dinner billed only RM 48!! If I ever be back in Mersing, will eat there again for sure!

Next day, we checked-out and explored the town and headed north  ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes --