Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preparation for Zoe's bday

I'm still waiting for some pictures from others camera.... So I'll get this up first....

We had (or only me?) been planning for Zoe's birthday for some time. It was finally reaching....

I was the assigned one to get presents for her.... So there I went to 1U alone after work on Thursday. I feel so proud of it cause I'm such a person with no sense of direction. I could get lost in 1U. Yeah, I'm that bad. So, me going there alone was a big thing.

After I parked the car, I went to Etude House and looked for Emily (the cute sales girl). Then I found out, she's older than us 1 year. @@ I'll get a picture of her next time to show how incredible it is for her to be older than us.

Didn't get anything for Zoe there, so I went to Padini. Took a tour, then went to Perlini's Silver. Got back to Padini again and got this handbag for Zoe.

Then, went to Parkson to get a card and another gift. I looked here and there, tried this and that and finally, I got this neck rest for her. As we have to sit for a long period at work. I even tried on different ones to check which supports the best. And these Pingus give the best.

Muaak Muaak to Zoe~~

And this funny card.

Inside out.

What a 'journey' in 1U to me. And I didn't get lost this time. Applause please~~~~~

The gift from me personally to Zoe...

The journal of our friendship I made for Zoe...

One of the pages....

Zoe came to my house the night before her birthday
and gave me this... so touching~~
Although I was hoping for something else... not presents for her, but something else...
But still, it was so warm and touching... :) xoxo


The next day at work, we got our Hennessy Artistry passes from Andrew. While resting, we took pictures. LOL

Zoe: My birthday presents~~
*Evil grin*


There, our nice invitation card.

Stay tune for funny vids in K session Neway and HOT pics in the event for Zoe's birthday celebration. *_*

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, July 26, 2009

happy birthday to my baby

As title says, my baby Zoe's birthday~~~~ It's one big deal~~~~~

I made her one journal of our friendship, where pictures and simple words jotted in... Not sure she'll be touched and dropping tears of joy, but I do really hope she like it. :)

25 September 2006

Our first group trip to P.D.
You tied 2 pony tails for me... made me felt like a little girl.... :)

29 July 2006

Our first convocation in Diploma...
We almost melted under the FOC sun.... =.="""

8 September 2007

Right after the presentation for Moral.

A sickening and torturing due to a pervy lecturer.

Our happy faces showed the relieve.... end of torture~

23 February 2008

Our first time in KTV??
I don't remember.... but it was definitely a great day~

28 March 2008

Our first official business trip to Brunei.
We were playing with the webcam in the hotel lobby.... :D
I wonder, when would be our next country???

We even wished See Pin Happy Birthday~

It was indeed a very very very happy trip....
Unlike for business at all... hahahaha

14 April 2008

Before we flew to UK, we went to work as a 'k le feh' for a drama...
Posing like Kung Fu masters~

12 April 2008

Happy shopping day~

19 March 2008

Another happy shopping~
We dressed like the Mario 'sisters'
But baby looked a bit fierce in this pic oh.....

19 July 2008

We're in Liverpool for our degree..
U staying next to my room...
We wore 'kimono' together...

17 July 2008

Our first trip in UK...
We went to North Wales..
You captured my back, I wonder, who would do the same to me??

25 July 2008

First time we went for 'k session' in Liverpool...
It was your birthday, I gave you a kiss... muah~~
I wish to celebrate with you every year.

31 July 2008

We went out for evening walk...
Albertdock was our favourite...
You posed with one of the Superlambanana :)

1 August 2008

We went for "The Emperor & The Tiger" performance.
Took some pictures while we were walking back home...

23 August 2008

We partied until dawn celebrating Ivan's birthday...
We departed to Lake District at 7am (so terrer :P)
Our tired faces with the beautiful blue sky...

26 August 2008

Our last day in the university...
Took a picture with funny poses :)

29 August 2008

Our prom night.
Surprisingly, we didn't take any pictures together...
4 girls with cute Ned (our tutor) ~

1 September 2008

We went to Chester Zoo.
We walked and we sang, attracting people... LOL
If you were not around, who would be doing this with me??

4 September 2008

We enjoyed the days left in Liverpool together...
I made this silly face and you took a picture...

6 September 2008

We wandered around London...
Stepping on the very green meadow~

9 September 2008

Us in Paris Disneyland...
I was about to melt, you took a picture still...

10 September 2008

In front of the Louvre Museum's pyramid...
It was so romantic... and we kissed...
Our 'century kiss'.... LOL

15 September 2008

We were at Legoland, Winsor.
Experiencing our childhood once again...
Was a happy day.. although I was scared... :P

7 February 2009

Too long that we didn't go for shopping...
We had one once again...
Camwhoring in my room...
Zoe: You're elf and I'm old folk.

8 March 2009

Our convocation for degree!!
The day we threw our mortarboards up high~~~

8 March 2009

Our convocation party~
We planned to go MOS, but it wasn't open...
So Barcelona we went~~ Still happening. :D

26 March 2009

We shopped wildly again...
Feasting in Sushi Zanmai... sweet~

17 April 2009

First time we partied with colleagues...
Since that night, no turning back for both of us... LOL
At The Loft, you looking sexy.
"pssst! you're hot!!"

16 May 2009

Trip to Genting...
You were a little bit upset, but it's ok, I'm with you. :)

22 May 2009

We went clubbing again~
We met quite a number of perverts that night...
but luckily you were beside me, I'm not afraid :)

28 May 2009

We're having great lifestyle now,
sleep early, wake up early.
Once I got up, I looked for you and there we went to 1U again.
Us at Pasta Zanmai...
Although this picture, I looked like roti canai and you 'lost' an eye,
but still, I like it a lot~

9 June 2009

You were admitted to the hospital...
I worried, I scared and my heart ached....
I prayed for you everyday, get well soon...

17 June 2009

You're back at work!!
Working together with you, time flies faster :)
Although they separated us, but we can still talk. YEAH!!

14 June 2009

We went shopping again...
I looked like a maid and you're like an astronaut. :P

20 June 2009

Shopping never ends~
We sat in the fitting room camwhoring, not wanting to go out :P

22 June 2009

I was in a mood, you couldn't reach me.
You searched here and there, I didn't pick up the phone...
You're nervous and cried....
My fault. I didn't mean to do that.
I promise I won't do it again.

27 June 2009

Night at Phuture.
You were so obedient, didn't drink like a wildcat.
That night went crazy~~

Baby, I wish you'll have (had) a great and memorable birthday celebration. Allow me to say thank you for what you have given to me. It's really a great thing to know you and we clicking so well. I wish I can celebrate your birthday with you every year. I love you. xoxo.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our first movie

It was the weekend again and I was excited...... because it was our first movie for so long :D
I didn't even realize... until I was told.... it was our first movie. I really couldn't believe it!!

First, we went for brunch in Pasta Zanmai...
the show starting at 1.10pm :)

Even the Apple Refresher attracted the Bow Bear~

Chicken Katsu Pasta~

As usual, cheese added.
Snowy pasta~~~~~

It's time... for movie~~
Ice Age 3 was our first movie~~
I'll remember forever..... Sweet~~~

Ok, I know I'm making it like so mysterious about this person... sorry... hahahahaha

Not my boyfriend, not with a guy, just with.... baby~~
Our first movie, first picture in the cinema ;)
Until now, I'm still feeling unbelievable that we knew each other for so long, and never been to movies. So.... UNBELIEVABLE!! LOL

In Pasta Zanmai
Zoe: I smile showing teeth will look like big bird!!
Uh... I don't think so ;)

I like this picture~ A LOT!!

After the movie, we went to Etude House.... to continue what we were shopping for half way. LOL. We're so close to the sales girls now, that we can leave and reserve our stocks there :D
Then we left the scary and dangerous place.... 1U!!

Once I stepped into the house, there went the funny conversation between me and mom.

Mom: 1, 2, 3 shopping bags again!! What you bought this time??
Jenn: Uhm.... not much.
Mom: Bought clothes??
Jenn: Not even one.
Mom: Bought shoes??
Jenn: No also.
Mom: Bought handbag??
Jenn: Saw one I like a lot, but I made myself not to buy it.

In the end, I didn't tell her what I bought and quickly walked into my room and put down the stuff. LOL. But later on, I did slowly show her what I bought... indirectly. :D

My first(s) original albums bought.
Take That's 'The Circus' and 'Beautiful World'.
I love them obviously. A LOT.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
I watched it once in the cinema, love the story and said gonna buy a copy to keep.
Watched it with mom and sis.

Etude House is on big sales.
Crazy girls went crazy again.
Total for this bunch of stuff, RM211++
The 2 trial kits at the back, are free gifts. Spend RM70 or more, and you'll get one.
It's for dry skin, so if anyone is interested, can get it from me.
I'll be more than happy to give them away~~
No one in my family can use it...

My happy Saturday. This month is really a month of tight budget. I bought stuff like.... more than RM1,000??? 500GB HDD, make ups, clothes, feast? and more shopping. I need to bring lunch box to work I guess. Next month's target, a Panasonic Lumix proconsumer and a handbag. Ok, there might go another RM1,500 or more. Hummm....

The Jenn under stress. From work, from life, from people, from everywhere goes crazy spending money =.= very bad habit.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--