Friday, July 25, 2014

Foods and Wat Arun!

 Trip to Bangkok last March 2014.....

Before meal, have ice cream first!
So milky and yummy!

Such a cute dish!
Had lunch at Ootoya Japanese Cuisine~

Some Ramen~

Raw salmon on rice (not mine for sure)~



Smiled like an innocent child, Mr. Cat.

Wat Arun, always visit when I'm in Bangkok.

Best time to visit Wat Arun: sunset


The disadvantage to me: steep stairs, very steep stairs.

Always like blue sky~

My buddy Luke~
wrote on the cloth till sweat... hahaha

The view from the temple.

Looks a bit shy... lol


Too bad, the sky was still bright and the the temple closed at 7pm.

If the sun set earlier, the picture would turn out orangy.

Have to take boat back to the other side, just for THB 3.
Met a dog that knows how to take a boat too~

So cute! Like wearing a hair band~ 

View from the pier. It's actually very near~

Dinner at Youchun, Korean BBQ.
Take BTS to Nana Station, a 10 minutes walk will reach.

I love the side dishes more!

Oooo La La~~~

The soup that energized me!

I guess the visit to Bangkok every time is all about food! :D

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfete --

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friend's wedding day in Bangkok

The main "task" for this trip to Bangkok was to attend my good friend - Cui Cui's wedding. It was such an honour to be invited and also such a great news that she has found her Mr. Right! 

The day started with meeting Vicky at Punnawithi BTS station....

Braised beef with rice.

Fried kuey tiaw with vege and beef, "wet" style.


Then we added dim sum - pork ribs.

I think this is Siu Mai~

Xiao Loong Bao~~~ ^^

Oh! The awesome bun with egg custard!

This is the place we ate at. Just right at Punnawithi BTS station.

After eating, we went to get our hair done. Wash and blow, only for THB 60!!!!! Where to get this kind of price? After that, we did foot massage and headed to Vicky's place to get our make-up done.

The entrance.

The lovely pics of the couple.

The door gift :)

The Hall.
First time attending Thai wedding, I was a little nervous.

Oui in red!

Vicky + Oui.

And the 3 of us :)

Little Grass ^^

The cake cutting ceremony~~~
Wish both of you stay sweet and happy always!

Pin and Vicky~

Me and Pin~

The girls~ 

The group.

She got the flower! Congrats!!!

Hmm... why are we looking so serious? LOL

Everyone with the couple~

Mr. Cat, you're so lucky~ :P

Here too!

So happy for both of you!

After the wedding, it was still quite early. Vicky brought me to a cafe in Sukhumvit, Soi 49.

Cosy ambience they have.

You can choose to sit outdoor if you like.

Like there are 2 moons in this pic :)

Cake + ice cream + cream.
I forgot what's the name of this dessert, I just remembered it was sooooo good!

Been to Bangkok for too many times, I felt like I've got nothing more to share. Maybe, I kept going to the same place... anyway, it's always a home to me with lots of people I love and care.


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --