Saturday, February 25, 2012

More good times :)

Although I was working throughout Chinese New Year, I still had lots of good times with friends and family.

Mostly about food.... so I've gained quite a lot and lost the slim me.... Now working my butt off to be back to slimmer time. I hope I can do it before my Koh Lipe trip! Meaning, bikini time~ beachy time~ photo taking time~

Getting ready for booze again.

Shock! Fat!

BubbaGump time with my best boy friend.
Annual reunion meal I guess?

Just love their decos here.... so vintage.

Run! Forest run!

A collection of vintage toys~ :)

My cheap drinks with sign, but the expensive smoothies look so.... common?

Scampi Fettuccine. Yum~~ this is good~~

BBQ chicken, just average or maybe a little below average.

Plus, the coleslaw, was awfully bitter.

Steamed Broccoli, very very big.

See next picture for clearer explanation.

See, bigger than a plate.

Some gifts I got an finally, I'm using a smartphone. Hahahhahaa... I'm so outdated.

So I made a parody too.

Like this pic and get a free iphone 4s!!!!!!!!! box, I mean :P

Doraemon piggy bank~

Behave! The policeman is here!

Dogs are men's best friends, even in the Lego world.

Hhahahaa... this happens only in Legoland.

Thanks to my babes~ I got new Sunnies for my Koh Lipe's trip!

Coming up next, live like an English tai-tai? :P

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yee Sang~~ Huat ahhh~~~ *Part 2 bday*

On the 26th Jan, 4th day of CNY, we went to New Paris Restaurant at SS2 for Yee Sang.

Then, celebrated my birthday too. Thanks to all my dears and darls for making it happened.... made me feel "weighty" in u guys' hearts ^_^

The salmon refused to be eaten.....stuck on the plate.

Before the yee sang being "lou"ed.

Watermelon Chicken.

Steam fish Teochew style.

Taufu! It's a must order in any restaurant :D
I love taufu~~~~~

Fried Calamari.... not so good. It's squids, baby squids.

Awesome vege with belacan!

2nd round @ Souled out, Hartams.

Ivan baked me a cake!!

Cowgirl? >.<

Making wishes sincerely.

Happy face again!

They took the funny hat away very fast.
Thank goodness!

The very nicely decorated cake!
Very delicious too~

4 types of Mojitos.
Lemon, Peach, Dragon fruit and Strawberry.
I still prefer Classic Mojito... these are weird..... >.<

Gift and ang pau? Hahhaa
My dears are creative to give me card in an ang pau.

The staff only took a clear picture to print out for me. Hahaha
The one in my cam, blur like cannot see like that!

Belated X'mas pressie from Ivan~~
Mr. Hip Hop~

Mr. Lumberjack!

Mr. Clown.

Ms Hawaii~ Kawaii~


That was my simple but warm and happy 2nd bday celebration. It was fun to catch up too. We should do more often!

Can I hear some Aye??!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Friday, February 10, 2012

3rd day of CNY is my birthday ^_^

When I was born, it was CNY 2 weeks later. So my birthday is always around CNY. This year, it fell on the 3rd day of CNY. This year, I had quite some surprises. :)

Teck Shui, my lost lost "brother" since high school, called up for yee-sang gathering 1 week before CNY, I was so excited about it!

Loving the red shoes which you're unable to see clearly ^_^

Acting innocent. Successful?

I see that I've gained some weight. Face is meatier now~ >.<

Kiss kiss 7up!

In the end, we did not get yee-sang, we ended up in Fish & Co.

Fettuccine~~ yum yum~

The seafood platter!
Contains of prawns, calamari, rice, fish and mussels!

Birthday girl~~~ ^_^
Surprised me!

I ♥ this pic!
It shall mark another memorable day~~ not my bday, but all these old friends gathered.

Babe's special bday pressie for me!

I ♥ them all~~

The most interesting looking cake!

Ang ang (red red) CNY~~~

The party continued to visiting Steph's place.
Cool mirrors!

Hey you!

Look at the camera and smile!

The shy one~

The curious one.

Drink water~~~

The persuasive red eye.

Wipe your mouth!

Birthday = lucky day.
Played Blackjack, 5 cards with 3 As. Awesome.

Aunt Susan!
Steph's mom which I ♥ very much too~~

Teck Shui, now that you've slimmed down so much, your nose looks even bigger.
Jackie Chan?

All my high school brothers :)

All the instant pics I got~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you all for celebrated with me, especially Steph who had planned and gave these meaningful gifts to me.... words can't describe how happy and appreciative I am. Love you all :)

This is part one only, wait for part 2!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --