Thursday, November 29, 2012

The birthday babies

Year end, birthday of my 2 very good friends. One that I've known since primary and the other since secondary school.

Both play important parts in my life, cherish our friendships so much.

For Hon Wei's bday, it was really a blast. We thought just going to have simple dinner, then some casual drinks, but it ended up partied in Vertigo in Halloween theme. 

Dinner @ Silverspoon Publika

Jug of cocktail


And another jug~

Forgot the name, but it was good. (non-alcoholic) 


See who got so happy with the jug of cocktail~ :P


My order.


Fried calamari~ Always love this bite.




The bday boy~ or I should say man?


Smile big!


All of us wore black together without pre-planning! Woot for that!


After that, continued at Bola @Sunway Giza~


Then changed to Vertigo and partied!


Then to Pelita at Bangsar.
We're still standing, sober. Wooo!


Next is my good good good friend's bday. We had it at Yuzu, The Garden's and Zouk Cafe.

While waiting....

The gigantic Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Skin Salad.

Look at the fish roe!

Hokkaido IkaGeso (Fried squid with salted egg). 
Love love love!

Drunken Tower for her!

I looked so...... dull?

Winnie Pooh termos flask~ :D

Spider Rolls~

All time favourite, Ishiyaki Geso.


A dip with the egg is a must!

Ebi Ten Oyakodon~
Very very nice too.

Ishaki Garlic Rice~

Happy birthday!
I bought this tiny one because....... birthday cake seems to be the "left-over" all the time.

Choco is sweating. LOL


It feels good to be back together. 


If you're an UOB credit card holder, you can enjoy 15% discount on the ala-carte menu~ Good for me :D

Then headed to Zouk Cafe.
Immediately played her bday gift.

Carefully picked.

Oopsi! Go again for her!

To me, friends are really important. Although I can't make it a bomb at you guys' bday, I'm always sincere in preparing and spending the time with you all. Hope you guys enjoy the get together moments :)

Good night peeps. Running a fever now, heading to bed. Ciao!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Monday, November 19, 2012

Party in the hotel room

We work hard, definitely need to play hard.

It was in September, that me and my fellow colleagues were crazy enough to book a night at the Garden's Residence to hold our party.

1 bedroom. 

The living area and dining. 

We had steamboat here, then some got drunk here. LOL

The view. 

Before the party started, we went to buy some groceries and ingredients needed for the night.

So we headed to Kenny Roger's to heal our hunger.

My favourite muffins~

Waiting for the sunset :)

My fellow colleagues~ 

Muahahaha~ part of our food!


Like insects >.<

Sun setting~

Always love the colour of the clouds in sunset/ sunrise.


Like a painting?

The sun rays seemed like created a shape of heart ♥

No wide angle lens, this is the way to have more coverage of the sky :)

No more~

And the party began!


Night view is very nice too~

We all had so much fun and drank so much! Which is why, no other pictures of the drinking session. Hahahhaa

I wonder, would we have more parties.... situation has changed now.... :(

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --