Sunday, May 27, 2012

The birthday girls~

I'm so sorry for the late update! Updated the first hand and hot stuff about the trip to Koh Lipe first.

The March birthday baby~
We had it at Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve.

Waited to long for the rest, we ordered some starter.
Hot Platter - RM 35.00

Some balls~

Wa~~~ cheese~~~~

Thr Caesar Salad with egg, awesome!
RM 19.00

Honey Roasted Pork Knuckle!
RM 63.00

This looks even more interesting with Kalai's face at the back.

The Sausage Platter! Wooohoo~~
RM 79.00

Happy girl with her cake~

Don't eat the candle!

Finally, cutting the cake :D

The nice cake :)

Look at the ganas face!

Tinkerbell snow globe~

Naughty girl!

The Cupid Tinkerbell~

Another birthday was April baby, Ashley. We had it at Morganfield's Pavilion.

Say hi to the pink Holga!

I really gained some meat huh.... >.<

Chips with some sauce.

All pink >.<

I forgot what is this, but nice!

Caesar Salad again~

Sticky Bones!

Roasted chicken.

Ashley the birthday girl with cake made by Ah Pin.

So creative!

With cute ladybird candle!

More updates soon! Happy family day~ ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hatyai - Eat till you vomit!

Arrived in Hatyai. What's in Hatyai? I just got food and massages in mind. If you are a guy, oh well, u know what else u can get~

It was freaking hot!
Ice lollies I ♥ u~

Upgraded from minivan to Toyota~

Checked in to Grandview Sakura Hotel.

Oh hi~ I got a cute tee >.<

The view from our room. Not bad~

After we put down the luggage, off we go to explore the town!

Shopping took up energy, time for energy restoring~

We went to Sizzlers~
Once you ordered 1 main course, you get to have free flow of salad bar.
This soup also from the bar~

mixture of all sorts of vege and 1 quail egg~

Free garlic toast!

Cream soup with pumpkin seeds~

Lemonade~ I ♥

Baby corn, pumpkin, potato salad, coleslaw, bacon and cheese.

Another set with asparagus~
Oh my... I haven't taken the main course yet >.<

1 chicken + 1 pork = perfect couple~
happily ever after in my stomach!

Seafood platter.

Dessert!! Damn good weyyyyy~~~

The wonderful salad bar~

Night view is not bad too!

Took a rest and off we strolled to the streets at night!

Sotong bakar!

Of all sizes~

Bakar 1.

Bakar 2.
The sotong shrunk.

Berry berry hot burning charcoal~

Weather was too hot!
We went Swensen's for the famous ice cream~~

Pink Complex!
Enter and you will find........

The busy street~

The deadly "poisonous" prawns!

1 prawn for RM50!

All sorts of fried chickens~

Back to hotel, had a good massage!

Getting ready!
But, Ruben said, this prawn is nothing special and tasteless.

Bought fisherman because of this cute metal case~ ♥

The western + eastern style breakfast.

Random. Roti telur there not bad too!

Our lengchai which looks like Bollywood star sent us to the airport.

Got to the airport too early, got myself 1 last massage.
She's great!

Tea for me~

Dairy Queen's hotdog then boarded the plane~

As per title, there are so much to eat in Hatyai where I almost vomited because I ate too much! >.<

Holiday ends fast! So this was my 6 days Koh Lipe + Hatyai trip. Waiting for next trip! Where to go?? Not confirm yet~

Have a good weekend!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --