Saturday, January 30, 2010

Play date with Orange

One Saturday, it was Ceci's beauty salon's 2nd anniversary. She invited Zoe and me to go. We went of course, we're her number one fans and customers. There was free food, free foot bath, free vouchers, free mask and lucky draw!!

Guess what??!! Zoe that claimed she has no luck in lucky draw, got the first prize. We screamed our (why ours? Cos she said she's gonna give me half if she got the 1st prize) lungs out when Zoe got the RM1,888 prize. HUAT AHHH!!!!

And of course, Zoe did share with me. Thanks my dear~~~~ ♥ muahhhh~~

The lucky winner. Tears were filled in her eyes.... T^T

I got 2 RM50 vouchers. :)

After the party, I headed to Zoe's place, visiting Orange.
She didn't really remember me in the beginning...

Then she quickly be nice to me cos I had her fav treat in hands. LOL

One round head~~ but cannot kick :P

Then she was getting happier.

Haha... this is so cute.
We're feasting, that's why she went saliva dropping in action there.

I continued to play fetch with her.
Her "stick" is bigger than her head. LOL

Zinger Tower!!!

Really "tower" u know...

Posing with her "stick" LOL

I'm a good company right Orange??

Yes! Yes! Jie Jie knows you love me~~~

She's very "ba bai" one lo~~~
Jump here and there, sleep here and there~~~

It was one happy day~~~ To have free gifts, a good person to share prize with and a happy play date with Orange~~ Hope I didn't scare her.. LOL I was a bit too aggressive. LMAO!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Junks from Taiwan

3 weeks ago, my brother went to Taiwan for New Year. He came back with lots of food and desserts from Taiwan. Besides, he brought soooooooo many figurines back. I show the pics of the specialties first, figurine part, wait till he has arranged and displayed them later.

Freshly-made "muah zi".
This is green tea flavour.

Chocolate from Sugar & Spice.
Expensive stuff... but it didn't fascinate me.

Taiwanese style nougat.
I love this till the max!!
It has very rich taste of milk, richer than drinking milk!! Hahaah
This fascinated me!!
Still fascinating me now by just looking at it~~~

The very colourful "muah zi"

The best is sesame.

See the filling??

This.... is another type of "muah zi", but more special.
The outer layer is like Shanghai mooncake, and the inside is "muah zi" with red bean filling.
I'd say... average.

But it doesn't look like red bean in the pic... hmmm...

"Sun biscuit"!!! My favourite!!!!
It's too difficult for me to describe the taste and texture... LOL

Hoho~~ Chef Hung's beef jerky~~

This is mild spicy of beef jerky.
But.... it seemed to be super hot for me.
Plus, my stomach got a bit upset after eating.
Same to my brother. >.<

I just want to show this wrapping...
Ain't it pretty???

They're so fined~~~

Hoho~~~ I so wanna go to Taiwan also~~~ AirAsia, fast fast give us free seats!!! Ok, I'll cross my fingers and toes hard enough. LOL Hopefully I won't get cramp. Hahahahaha~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year BBQ

After X'mas outing, of course New Year la! ^_^

We went to Daorae, Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner.

Peeps that joined: Rachel, Kalai, Ivan, Ethan, Zoe and me.

I love Korean too~

Bloody red, bloody delicious later.

Kimchi pot! Darn love the noodles. SLURPPPPPPPPPPP~
*sorry was being too rude

We're all college pals~

One table full of food... it was not just all....

Rachel's bday pressie from Zoe and me~~
A very pretty organizer!

I realized only that day, she's no ordinary.
She's...... Rachelubbies!!
*read as Rachel- lu- bisss

Ivan and Santa, they look alike.
Don't you think so??

This is Ethan.
He did lose some fats outta his bodeh~~

Gifts I got from Rachel~

She got a NZ guidebook from Ivan~

Zoe too got pressies from Rachel~


YAY~~ junksssss from Korea~~ weeeee~~~
Sth wrong with me in this pic.
I looked like the pores-faced girl >.<

Last but not least, a group pick-chaarrrr~
Ooo... love my legs here... looking slim. LOL

Another happy dinner. Later, we chillaxed in Home and Away, had beers and some played pool. Too bad, all the pictures are with Ivan.... My cam ran out of battery..... sigh...

That was the day, I fell in love with Korean. Saw a bunch of HANDSOME Korean boys while walking to the car park. All are tall and fair. So not fair!! LOL With slanted eyes, I mean VERY slanted eyes, they're cuter to me than the Korean stars. :D

And it made me struggle to making decision what language to take :P In the end, I've chosen Japanese. :D

Good morning!! Time to work~~ Have a nice day folks!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I think it's time for me to leave

runaway to some place and hide

it's back to me again,

this escaping dream

I think it will never leave alone

nor allow me to rest for long enough

How I wish

that I really could do what I've always been dreaming to do

but this reality just keep holding me down

besides, I do need love






and a bit of freedom and privacy from time to time

Whoever can give me all these at the same time?

I know I'm demanding, indeed.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All about X'mas

I know, I know, Christmas had passed for so long. But these are all something nice and sweet to remember. So I want to write about it. :)

On X'mas eve, I gave Zoe a cute tee.
See, she smiled until.......................

This is a pressie Ivan gave me..
He made such a creative wrapping~ :)

And it is (was, already gone) a very nice chocolate!!
Made me happy~~~

Pressie I got for myself. ^_^

She planned a surprise program of a day just for me.....
First, we went to watch Avatar in Pavilion.

In the toilet~
bigger me.

bigger Zoe.
Oh, I mean Zoe(s).

Nice deco in Pavilion.
But it's not good for taking portrait...

Crazy shopaholic couldn't resist the attractive promotion from Samas.

More pics together~

While she was paying, I played on my own :P

Smiled big!

Still not enough, sibeh perasan!!

My purpose is to show my earring. >.<

I'll never stop.....

Please bare with me... just one more~

Ok, Zoe came right after this.
So I stopped.

Pretty women~~ walking down the street~~~

The happy reindeers~

Later, she surprised me again.
Dinner with Pin Pin, JD and Eugene.
We went to The Apartment in the end.
Because of a lousy person called Eugene, the plan didn't work so smooth.

This is my chicken something spaghetti....
I'd say........ don't try. LOL

JD said, since I took all the pictures of food, I must take one with my food.

Zoe's cod fish.
Love the mashed potato more~ :D

Pin Pin's king prawn spaghetti.
Taste much better than mine.
Try this. :)

Same to them.
Take pic with fooooooood.

JD's not fully cooked lamb rack.

Before entering Scarlet.
JD........ ehem.

And the party started~~~

I went sleepy very fast. LOL

Ok, this is better.

JD:" Apa benda ni?"
Eugene:" Aku ni gf kau la~~"

JD always looking some where.

Ok, better. Again.

With Pin Pin.

The sibeh 'beh song' face. LOL

Oh!! Busted!!

The posing master of the night.

I could only be an idiot next to him.

Then we were all learning to pose like Eugene.
Except JD.

So I put mind for him.
He didn't notice.

He did now.

Then he responded. LOL

Then he acted like Pin Pin's hamster pose.

Mc Donald's kept appearing in our pics.

The focus of this pic is to see the girl behind us.
She was cuit'ing someone...

No, he wasn't my prey.


Now the arch had become Eugene's hair band/ clip.

He was still posing.

I like this pic. :)

And all of a sudden, Eugene was so cool.

One male and one female hamster for adoption. Anyone??

A pair of earrings ♥

Now my lips won't get too dry in the freezing office ^_^

My voice of my heroes.

Christmas was all good to me. A memorable one, again. Although the one is not here, but still, I have my friends, family and Zoe. Without you all, life would be so bored..... LOL :D

Ciao ciao~ time to sleep

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--