Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!!

A few more minutes and it will be the end of year 2011, let's embrace the new year with open arms and hearts!

Let's forget the unhappiness, bring along the awesomeness and move on to the brand new year! I think when this is published, I'll be drinking and getting wasted.

So, Happy New Year 2012 peeps!

Just to share some happy moments with mom in Dec on the last entry for 2011.

The 1U Christmas decor at the main court.

The clam cupid?

Not related to X'mas, but looks nice.

Luncheon with mom at Red Yeast Restaurant.

My favourite Passion Fruit drink.

They serve variety of tea as well.

Other than healthy organic food, you can get a lot of organic dairy products here too.

Mumsy and my favourite Shredded Vermicelli Set which comes soup.

Yes, very very good soup for your body.

This is herbal spareribs.

Then it was 冬至, a month till Chinese New Year. Many families will have celebrations. As usual, our family didn't, but, mom did prepare very good food.

Superlicious curry chicken and spinach for me to grow stronger!

Her special made tang yuan with special type of tang shui~

Black sesame filling!

Peanuts filling~

And today, the last day of 2011, she made soya bean tang yuan!

This festive season is all about love and care. Please don't forget to spare sometime for your loved ones. Once again, Happy New Year and holiday~~~~ YAY!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfees --

Monday, December 26, 2011

Short escape to Genting

Wow.... 5 days more to new year, time flies like a jet.

Before I share the escapade to Genting, I'll share the moon eclipse first.

Moon was about to be fully covered.

Looks like a scimitar~

Then it turned red~ ♥ looks good.

I got a 3-day off two weeks ago, so Genting I went with Darren, my colleague. A funny and nice Chindian that speaks Hokkien. LOL

It was more like a food trip as we ate more than doing anything else.

First we went to Pizza Factory.

Garlic Bread.

Some BBQ flavoured chicken wings.

Hawaiian Pizza.

After eating, we walked around and checked out the X'mas decor around.

No patient to wait until the crowd left, so, a picture with an aunty.

The entrance of first world hotel. I like~

The Avatar Street. Quote from Darren.

In between, went to the casino and looked at Darren playing the roulette. Maybe spent a few hours, out from the casino, we ate again at The Bakery. Hahahaha

Coffee Latte.

Raspberry cake, lovely~

*but we tasted sushi in this cake*

Chocolate Indulge~

Time to walk around to help the digestion. We went to a secluded area, where no people would go...... then looked at all these magnificent views!

Cool breeze...... comfy~

Ahhhhh...... all the tensions gone in split of second~

I wish I could stay in between....

Goodbye now Genting.

I always love nature.

Feels like paradise.

Year 2011 is going to end soon. This year, so much good things happened and some tiny bits of bad things. However, I'd say it's quite a good year anyway and I'm positive that next year will be even better.

How about yours? :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Disneyland Paris 2008 - so outdated

After we went cycling around in Paris yesterday, we went Disneyland today.

We hopped onto the metro and Disneyland we went!

Slept like a pig on the metro.

Sortie!! I remember the girls were talking crap and included each sentence with "sortie".
FYI, it means exit in French.

Ta-da~~~~ the entrance!

Weather was good! Sunny~~~~~

I'm Wall-E. ^_^


Passing through~~ so excited!!!

Approaching to the castle~~~~~

We're going to watch the parade here in the evening~

While queuing....... camwhore!

It was so sunny~

Cute princesses plus a dirty "butt". Hahaha

Finally! Donald~~ hugs hugs hugs~ so many hugs

But, before that, this mascot couldn't estimate its beak and knocked on my face!
It was so painful that the crowd was laughing so loudly!!

Donald said YAY!!

Must have pic with the castle!


Of course!

Sun was a bit too sunny that made me went nuts.

Then back to normal.

With the palace again from another angle.

Then suddenly I transformed into Stitch.

Zoe had giant Mickey gloves!

Merry Go Round~ my first try, gave it to Paris Disneyland~ ♥

Guess what land is this?

Yes, it's the Alice in wonderland!

Posing posing~

Under, a silly girl.

Door's too small, couldn't enter >.<

Zoe: "Meow! Come down~ Meow meow meow~~~"

Stupid pose again. Uncle was staring me :P

Cute star~

Being young was so fun and bald.

OK, nice pic to remind myself don't be back to the same size!



From the 1st floor.

Vote for the queen!

Contestant no. 1 - Zoe

Contestant no. 2 - myself

Which one would you cast your vote to?

Pirates! Where? I did not see one.

I like this one~ :)

The girls waiting for "Oops! Honey I shrunk the kids" to start~

WOW! Look at my face~ epic!

Care for an ice cream?


Then Zoe got a bear hug behind form the Beast!
The costume is really big and heavy and this Beast have to run here and there... pity.

Then Goofy passed by~

I don't know who is this actually. LOL
The Guru in Kung Fu Panda? Hahaha

With the cars~

I'm the ice queen.
Don't mess with me.

This Roller Coaster ride was just so awesome.

The Hollywood setting for Singing in the rain~

Uhhh.... Ultraman?

The poisoned apple!

While waiting for the parade~

Too bad was that the battery was too weak, couldn't perform heavy duty task of so many shooting. So........... no pictures of the parade :(

Disney Village we went after that~
Try hard to be rational folks.

When you don't know what to eat, this is the place.

I don't think their Mc Ds tastes better.

When the lights are on~~

Good night~ We came back on the last day before we left Paris. LOL

Today's X'mas Eve! I wish you all have a great and peaceful holiday~ As usual, no public holidays for me and my leave request for March is not even approved yet! Came to think about it made me irritated, better off to sleep now! I mean nap :P

Merry X'mas, Happy New Year and Happy Holiday once again~~ ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --