Monday, November 30, 2009

Flying back to KL

15 November 2009, my flight was at 11.30am. I needed to get my GST refund, so I called a cab at 9.30am. Traveling to Changi Airport, it takes only 30 minutes. But it depends to where are you staying as well.

Once I got to the airport, I quickly get to the counter to check-in my luggage. I was so happy when I found my queue isn't long. Who knows.... there was a bunch of Indian in front of me, like looking important and classy (only themselves think so I guess), kept talking on the phone, bla bla bla bla....... Everyone could sense that there was something wrong with their check-in, because the staff was walking here and there checking stuff for them.

Cut the story short, in the end, what I heard was:" Sorry sir, you have to go to that counter (pointing towards a counter at the corner), we can't find your check-in ID." =.= Nabeh............. wasted everyone's time in the queue and those that were working.

Then the Mr AirAsia called me. I went forward and put my luggage quickly on the conveyor belt and in my heart wishing that it wouldn't be over weight.

As you can see, my luggage was over weight.
Me:"OH NO!!!~~~!!!"
Mr. AirAsia:" It's alright, don't bother it. You've waited for so long anyway~~~"
THANK YOU~~~~~~ and I gave him a big smile. :D

GST refund counters.

Didn't pop in anything since I woke up.
So Starbucks' Hot Chocolate it was~

You're my Venus~~~

It somehow made me think this is Etude House. LOL

Starbucks wishing X'mas early too~

Time to aboard~~
The vehicles lining up so neatly... like in Tomy Cars video.. HAHAHA

The AirAsia plane that doesn't look like an AirAsia plane >.<

This is nice.... I wonder how it feels to fly one~~

Weee~ took off~~~

Bye Singapore~~~~

Hello Malaysia?? LOL

Love the clouds.

Love the tones...

So fluffy!!
Like I could jump and bounce on them!! *Doraemon effect*

When I got back home, it was almost 3pm. I was starving. So I quickly get one instant bowl noodles I brought back home from SG to get rid of my hunger.

Looks good right?
Taste good too!
CQYD seafood flavour.

The best thing is, I have some Sing Dollar left~~~ ^_^

My dearest precious was missing when I got home. The precious.................. is my mom. I called her 4 times, and she still didn't answer. I called aunt and she told me she was calling mom since 12pm, didn't answer too.

Then I woke up my brother who was sleeping still, mom didn't tell him where she went too. So all I could to was wait. At about 5.30pm, my precious returned. She looked darn funny and cute!!!

Cute right?? Hahahahaha
She went for choir performance, that was why she didn't answer the calls.

My mom is cute, I know and she's getting funnier and cuter now. >.< Wayyyyy better than me!! Alrighty~~ ciao ciao~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The day I finally met my hubby

And I finally own him!! My dear friends, I proudly present.................. *drum roll please*

Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang~~~~
Everybody, say hi to Mr. Z!!
I finally found him in Singapore.
I suddenly love the country so much. LOL

So once I brought him back to uncle's place, I play with him for awhile. :P
View from the room.

Zoomed to the BMW opposite the house.
I love my Zeeeeee~

Can see the pool??

Zeeee can even let me see the depth of the pool!!

Very greenery.

The nice and unique watch I once owned.
Too bad it k.O 1 minute before I left Singapore.
Now I changed to another watch which is not this special.
$49.90. I'm so regret now..... T_T

Night view

Aino and bear~

Let's go explore!!

Uncle brought me to have Ah Chiang's porridge in Tiong Bahru.

Century egg porridge with pork.
The porridge here is cooked by using charcoal.
It's darn good!!

Uncle's Buddha porridge (vegetarian).
But added mushroom and meatballs. Hahahahaaha~

Arrrr~ I was still having my long straight silky black hair~~

Walking to the happening street~

First object!
BSN's money tree. ^_^ Hahaha


Awww~ I love blue theme~

You get what I mean??

I love X'mas!
But not for me.

Hilton. Classic colour.

Like the picture, showing a car speeding.

Couldn't stop snapping pics.

Oh! Zeee really did a good job in this.
Everything is so still and clear, just the car. Vrooom~~

It's the new shopping mall- ION

The theme of Orchard Road for this X'mas.

It had closed when I got there...

The entrance.

The purple X'mas tree.

Tired face.... had not been sleeping for more than 6 hours everyday...


This is really really pretty.
Know where is it??
Inside the X'mas tree. :D

Continue to walk, continue to snap. :P

Coincidentally, APEC Summit was held in that week too.
So..... which means..... jammed everywhere.

Fatty Santa. Cute ;)

LV...... so bright.

Below are the pictures of reindeer along the street.

I somehow think only of peacock when I see the colours.

Without flash.

With flash.

Deer deer, borrow your mirror for awhile....

In front of Prada.......

There are a bunch of................. "People"!

One of them is reading newspaper and I spotted Netherland (Netherlands)...

The World Times, which looks like Herald Tribune.

ERP looks dull in here...

Finally, Wheelock Place.

After snapping everything we wanted to, it was about 1.30am. >.<
So.... sleepy! Was coming back to KL the next morning. It was a fun and contented trip I'd say. I'd never thought the trip could be so nice... since I didn't have great memories of Singapore. But luckily, it went really good. I thank everyone for making it so great.

Time to ciao~ Byesssss~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--