Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Saturday

Early in the morning, I woke up at 8am, sent my car to Perodua. =.=

Yes, my Perodua Myvi, not even 1 year old, has faulty. No, there were "faulties". Changed 5!!! pipes around the radiator, and I got to pay for the coolant. Fine, it's only RM12.50. Besides the pipes, the rear bonnet suspensions also K.O. ady...

That's not the end yet, I checked the bonnet again couple of days ago, they're faulty again!! I was
like........ wtf!! I'll bare with them for this week, I'd screw them on Monday. Don't know what kind of QC they're giving there.

Ok, enough of said. Continue with my busy Saturday. :D

I had a date with Zoe.
She sent me to Perodua to get back my car.
Ms Princess Orange was in the car too.
Orange..... looks more like a Bichon Frise now... hahaha

Sending her to be groomed~

Orange:" Heh! I'm driving I'm driving~"
Jenn: "You silly~"

Then she stepped over to me...
I wanted to take a pic with her, but all she remembered to do was looking into the mirror... =.=

Finally, I grabbed her tight and took one pic.
But she didn't want to look at the camera... T_T

After Zoe dropped me at Perodua, she sent Orange to Pets More in Desa Park City. Later I went to pick Zoe and we ciao to 1Utama. Yes, we the shareholder of 1U were visiting again. LOL

Went to makan at our favourite western restaurant once we got there.

The sauces... we eat only the mayo :D
We refill every time we go.
There was once, we refilled so many times until the waiter gave us a bigger 'bowl'. LOL

The comfortable interior design...

My all time favourite, cola tonic.
As usual, I refilled. :P

Mussels in creamy sauce~ Yum~~~~

Rice. Only RM3. Worth for the price with its great taste.

Yes! I love Fish & Co.

They have the best fried calamari in town!!!
So crunchy and juicy still!!

Mixed vege. RM3 as well.

After our stomachs were completely filled, we went to look for Emily. Our cute promoter in Etude House.

Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang~~~~
It's Emily with the new spokesperson for Etude House~
She's very cute right?? But older than us a year. =.=

She's quite a poser (more like a joker) as well. :D

Zoe and me don't even know who's that spokesperson.
But she likes the kitten.

The main advantages of getting close with the sales in a cosmetics store are:

1. Reserve selling-fast products for you.
2. Free gifts all the time.
3. Trying on samples non-stop (even bring your own container to get some home).

Enough of shopping at Etude House, we retreated to The Curve.

Alson closed down and no nice boutiques around in Cineleisure, save some money in our purse :D but......... Sasa and Watson's were enough to get us crazy in buying stuff again. Especially make-up stuff!!

Padini.... was quite a lot to buy as well.......

Formal me and sexy babe next to me...
Oops, I've got no NECK!!

:D Now I've got neck~~

Hehehe... so many clothes hanging there~
Yes, I bought this piece.
Zoe bought A LOT!! A LOT!! But cost her RM80++ only... Cos... they're RM9 per piece.

Then mom called, saying she's in KL, and should be back to Kepong in 30 mins. So we quickly paid, and went to pick Orange.

See, very happy de si xiao hai. LOL
Super hyperactive, moving here and there.
Luckily the shutter is fast enough to snap her.

Still so happy. I guess it's because she knows I looked bad and she looked good.
Si xiao hai Orange!!

Then I spotted this funny Schnauzer.
Like sitting on the blue colour cube. LOL

Said goodbyes to Zoe and Orange, and headed to the train station to get mom. The rain started to pour heavily after she got into the car. We went to ta pau (pack) dinner while one the way back home.

My new Lego sets. :D

Happy 'family' in the car.
So cold~

Checking out my 'victory goods'.

Busy body Brownnie wanted to join the party.

Hahahaah~ too much??? Not really.

I got 1 shirt, 1 t-shirt, 1 conditioner, 5 masks, 1 packet of blotters, eyeliner, eyebrow liner, eyelash curler, double eyelid clip (never buy this again, not working), 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 pair of shoes (sandals) and 7 packets of treats for Lulu and Brownnie.

What a busy and contented Saturday I had. :D More to share soon.

Ciao Ciao~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New specssssssss!!

Since I've checked my eyes at the specialist, mom urged me to pick for a new pair of spectacles. Also, sun glasses. =.=

I had been dying to have a pair of sun glasses, but I'd never managed to get one due to my sensitive eyes. I've tried so many brands, from Giordano to Elle, Esprit to Tag Heuer, any branded and the most expensive sunnies in the shop, all resulted me to dizzy. @@

But now, I've got one pair of sunnies that is so perfect for my eyes!!! After wearing it, my eyes have no burden at all and I don't feel dizzy!! That's the most important part!!! The shopkeeper told me, it's design for people with sensitive and patients with eyes diseases and also after surgery.

After doing some research on the Internet, the lenses are polarized lens, that's the reason!! Besides, it's not only for patients. LOL. Bikers, golfers, skydivers and any sports that expose to bright sunlight, polarized lens is the tool to protect the eyes.

Ok, enough of babel. Time to see pics. :D Rachel, it's for you. :)

There, wearing my new pair of specs.

It's brown colour if the picture doesn't tell.

Heee :D I like the "PM" at the side.
It stands for Philip Morgan.
Can I add a "S" if I were feeling "PMS" ??? *lame*

"PM" here as well.
Realized only when I was taking pics.

Mom also got herself a new pair of specs.
The most expensive in her life, according to her.
It even has some 'rocks' decoration at the side. LOL

And my professional looking sunnies.
After wearing, I feel that I looked like a blind. @@

Wanna know how good is the lens??
Look at my face.
The camera could still capture my face looking so clearly even though I put the sunnies in front of the camera's lens.

That's all for now. Ciao Ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My dogs know how to line up

Yes, this is an entry about my dogs again.... Oh, and a bit of fishes~ And yes, mostly photos and less text.

One morning, when I was about to feed the fish, I saw my dogs lined up.... LOL
It was cute and funny to see them doing so....

Lulu was the first to stay then fat Brown followed.

See. The line was quite straight too.

Then I asked them, what happened guys?? I have no treats in my hands.
And Lulu gave me a look.

Then I took a close up of her.
That innocent face again. *melted*

Fat Brown was dozing off.... LOL funny looking face.

Yay~ fish at home once again.
My brother's friend gave them.

It was raining that day, Lulu....... I don't know what to write.
But I kinda like this pic :)

Was he craving for something??
I don't know.. but when I saw him, his eyes were closed.

That's all. I'd never be bored with their pics, hope you all enjoy too. Ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My mom is getting cuter

One morning, before I went out to shopping, mom was like a bit excited and telling me how those nasty caterpillars ate her lovely plant.

Mom:" Jenn!! I know why all the leaves of my "fu guai fa" (her plant's name) are gone!! There is caterpillar!"

Jenn:" Yer... is it... so disgusting la... that's what Audrey (cousin sis) liked while she was young. So what did you do to the caterpillar?"

Mom:" Oh, I picked it down and put it in the flower pot."

Jenn:" *LOL* What???!! Why put it back there?? It'll just crawl it back up and eat the leaves then!! You should have just thrown it outside."

Mom:" Is it?? Ok ok, I go see again."

I followed her to her plant. And my assumption was exactly correct! And.... I found not just one caterpillar, but 3!!!! Ewwwwww!! I hate caterpillar actually. They look so hmm... gross?? They'll just give me goosebumps and make my hair stands.

Spot the eerie creature??
Seems so slimy... YUCK!!

I quickly went back into the living room and let mom picked the caterpillars off from her beloved plant. But then..... something funny happened.

She rushed into the kitchen, and came out with a container.

Jenn:" Done with the caterpillars??"

Mom:" Yeah~ (smiling... her eyes were shining)"

Jenn:" What's the container for? Didn't you throw the caterpillars away??"

Mom:" Nope. This container is for the caterpillars."

Jenn:" WHAT!!!!!???? For what???!!"

Mom:" I wanna keep them. (smiled again) I wanna see them turning into butterflies."

And she quickly went outside again. Omigosh!! We're gonna have caterpillars!!

I forced myself to go snap some pics.
They're really eerie.
One big and a small one here.

Then she caught another one.
Now she has 3 caterpillars.
She even put some leaves in it.

Mom:" They love to eat this type of leaves."

Jenn:" Mom, if you want them to become butterflies, you have to put in sticks, so they could hang on them while they're turning into a cocoon."
Mom:" Oh, is it?? Nah, a root for the caterpillars."

She plucked a tiny little root and dumped it into the container. =.=
See the "BIG" root?

She then asked me to put it into the living room. Without anything covering up!! I was like, no way. I'm not going to do so!! I quickly went back into the house.

Later she came in happily with her CATERPILLARS. She covered it with a piece of paper, tied with rubber band and then poked some holes for them to breathe. How attentive!! And put it on the coffee table in the living room. MY GOSH!!!!

Jenn:" You're going to put this here like forever?? You must be kidding me!!"

Mom:" No no no... I'm going to put them by the windows, so they could have nice sunshine."

There.... her 'pets' are 'settled' by the window...

At night, I went to check these creepy creatures......

Jenn:" Mom, they're not moving at all. They're sleeping."

Mom:" Good. Let them sleep, caterpillars gotta sleep too. (LOL) As long as they're still alive, I have no problem." (=.=)

The next day....

Jenn:" Ma.... your caterpillars looked dead...."

Mom:" Not at all! I just fed them with more leaves, and they finished it ALL! Great appetite they have. " (Oh no.... my mom...... is...... HILARIOUS!!!)

I think.... all the dialogues from my mom that I've bold, are classic! Good job mom. You're getting yourself cuter.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

down again...

Not posting very often recently.... I'm feeling down again.... with no particular reason.

Sometimes I wonder, is it because I'm feeling lonely and needing someone to love me?

But I better not to think about anything now...

So I made myself a song... LOL *nonsense as usual*

I just changed the lyrics of London Bridge Is Falling Down to this......

Jennifer Is Feeling Down

Jennifer is feeling down
feeling down feeling down
Jennifer is feeling down
May God bless her

Ok, enough of "sang". Ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My brother's new collection

Nothing much about me recently and I'm not in the mood to write anything related to myself yet. So I'll write about my brother. He has quite many interests in collecting stuff. He collects liquor bottles, miniature liquor, Starbucks' cups and mugs, jigsaw puzzle and recently, stuffed toys.

So here it goes~

This is Cactuar from Final Fantasy~

And this cute lil thing called Moogle. haha

It even has wings!!

I found this funny pic taken by my brother.
Cactuar hitting Moogle. LOL
Moogle's expression is soooo FARNIEEE~

And my favourite Chopper from One Piece!!

His back. So cute~~ :)

And these, his newly framed jigsaw puzzle.
The biggest among all in the middle.
The walls at home are almost full now, I'll get more pics and show here next time ;)

Just a short post for today. Ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--