Monday, September 12, 2011

In loving memory of our dearest Lulu

Our dearest female dog, Lulu had past on on the 5th Sept 2011. She was born on 10th Aug 1996.

I'm writing this, a journal of her life. How she had been good company to us all. Her being attentive, sensitive, sharp and clever had made us all love her so much.

As a mother to Brownnie, she was very loving and caring, only to lose patience when Brownnie being too naughty.

2006. She still looked young and pretty that time.

Her favourite position.

Thunderstorm, so we let her into the house.

She did not like camera, but still let me to snap picture of her.

Evening walk. Both of them enjoy most, look exactly the same too.

See, they're always at the same direction.
Like mother like son.

Again :)

Innocent look.

The day she being naughty.
Escaped from home and went to mud pool.

The lazy day.

Year 2008, can see that she was older.

Treaties time!

She was not that energetic anymore.

More mother and son pic.

Even they sleep also same position and same line. Hahahaha

She was grabbing a treaty stick if you can see.

Brownnie must be missing this fun time with his mom.

Sleeping time. That was how she spent her days during the later years.

Sunbathing after shower.

Her signature. Chestnuts eyes <3

Year 2010. Old, but still, so pretty.
And she had already blind at that time.

LOL!!! This is really a funny picture.

June 2011.

July 2011. Peaceful ♥

Lulu died of old age. We sent her to the vet and she had drips for 3 nights, no improvement at all. Blood test showed her kidneys were deteriorated and liver coming after. We made decision and put her to sleep so she wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

While she was at the vet, every time we went to visit her, she responded to us. That really warmed my heart. But seeing all the needles and looking at her face was really heart breaking.

Dear Lulu, you had been a very very great companion to us all for 15 years and 26 days. We will all love you and remember you forever. Now, rest in peace and have fun there with your kind, I'm sure you're at a better place now. XOXO

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Friday, September 9, 2011

Phi Phi Banyan Villa

I stayed at Phi Phi Banyan Villa for 2 nights in July 2011. I love this hotel very much personally. It's not a very big hotel, but complete with facilities and they serve awesome breakfast near the beach.

Let me enjoyed the food and the view at the same time.

Right in front the entrance, there's a very very big tree!

The path in the hotel.
Like the environment, very green.

The corridor.

The room.
Love the bed! Super comfy.

The bathroom.

With balcony, view of garden and opposite is the gym.

With some figures for decoration... cute.

The swimming pool.

Like dragon fruit? Sausage? or insect?

Nice happy flower.

Posing for calender. :P

Behind the scene.

Cute lil white flowers~

This looks really like buttercups!

Different colour ones.

Not bloomed yet.

Red one~

This is really contrasting.

I have this at home also!

Blue colour! I like!

Lotus! Really nice~

Looks like fruit.

Water Lily!!

Ok, enough of nice flowers at the hotel.

Path to the gym~

Nice garden they have.

Gym hero #1

Gym heroine #1

Gym hero #2

Overall, this hotel is really nice. They have restaurant by the beach that serves breakfast and dinner. For more information in Phi Phi Island, you can click on below links:

Krabi to Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Viewpoint

Phi Phi Island Hopping

Relaxing Stroll by the beach

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --