Friday, December 6, 2013

Day trip to Pattaya - part 1!

Been to Bangkok for a few times, but I had never been to floating market before.

So Vicky suggested to go a new type of floating market, in Pattaya. From Bangkok to Pattaya, need about 1.5 to 2 hours of driving. When we arrived there, it was about noon.

One advice: do not wear long pants! So so so so so so so hot!

Mary had a little lamb~

Goat feeding at the entrance. Feed them milk :D

I like animals with pinky nose~ hehee

This is new!!! Feeding koi fish like this.

I call this coconut cookie, one of my favourite snacks!

Oh! so yummy!!!

This stall is from China~

Something like kuey tiau~ very very appetising.
A bit spicy and sour~ 

Another type of cookie. 2 flavours, I love the egg yolk ones!

The girls~ ♥

After long walks, we had to go for massage.
It's only THB 250 for 1 hour. To be polite, we gave tips because they did good work.

Especially this granny!!!

It was such a hot day~

I walked past and saw this puppy, thought a toy dog.

Suddenly it moved!
The owner said, his name is guo fu cheng (Aaron Kwok). LOL!!!

After the hot and sweaty activity, Vicky brought us to Hilton Drift at Hilton Hotel Pattaya for afternoon tea.

Henry which looks so much like Brad. LOL

My ice blended with slice of apricot!
The girls thought it was raw egg and wanted to drink it for me. hahahhaa

The girls~

All cute cakes and pastries~

Sandwiches + Vicky~ 

This is one super cute and tiny macaroon. 

So cute as if it's not real.

The view!

Grace chilling.

It's such a good place to relax.

A real pool towards the end~

Thanks for the hospitality Vicky~
You're always an awesome company :)

I won't be in my shoes and jeans if I ever be in Pattaya again.
Too much heat to take. 

One last pic and we went to another spot!

Wait for part 2  ^_^

-- Jenn Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bangkok my second home

Every once I a while I will visit Bangkok. I feel like I'm partly belong there.

So last July, I went again with Kiwi, met some good friends, did some shopping and ate some good stuff. It's always good to be there.

Once we reached, checked-in to the hotel and went to meet friends and had dinner at Taling Pling at Central World.

Authentic Thai food they serve. Well, taste authentic to me and it was full house. 

The magical purple drink~

My favourite Thai salad with glass noodles!

My very thirst quenching lemon and mint ice blended~

Tom Yum Kung~

This is so good, but I don't know its name.

Every time I go Thailand, I must order Phad Thai~

Vege is a must~

With my beloved P'Tarn~~ 

First time meeting Luke and everything happy continues since then~

Happy times are always short which make us appreciate every moment.

He's one sweet guy~ Ehem~

Annual sale in BKK = a hole in the pocket

After dinner, we went to Heap.

Live band singing Thai soft rock, nice!

Raw salmon.... >.<

Just like that, day 1 ended. How come time passes so fast when you're having fun???

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Monday, October 7, 2013

Macau - Hong Kong 8D7N trip - Day 7 and 8 - mostly about food

Day and day, very soon it was almost the last day of the trip.

I went back to Central and looked for my colleague to take picture with them since the first time when we met were too busy chatting.


Brekkie at one of our favourite cha chan tang~

Fish porridge.

Price list.

I order set breakfast. They have a variety of noodles, pasta, toasts, sandwiches and porridge to mix and match, very reasonable price.


I chose soup vermicelli with special vege and lunchean meat + ham and egg toast + soya bean, total cost HKD 28 if not mistaken.

我選擇了米粉湯配雪菜和午餐肉 + 醃肉蛋多士 + 豆奶,如沒有記錯,總價只是28港幣。

It's a very huge ham jim bang! LOL
很大一個牛脷酥~~~ 我們稱為咸煎餅。

After brekkie, walked around in Women's Street. They just started doing business.
吃飽飽,去女人街走走看看~ 才剛剛開市。

Went to Central, HMV! The last shop I went was in UK, 6 years ago.
去了中環,看見HMV!好懷念啊~ 一起在英國時去過而已,都6年前了~ 

The sign board.

One of the street in Lan Kwai Fong~

Stella you rock!

Early happy hour at Lan Kwai Fong~ The day I fell in love wit Somersby.

My old love~

On the left, Alice, the senior market manager and on the right, Tina, the market manager.

Night time, went to try out HK style steamboat, these are all sorts of paste and sauces. Damn good!
晚餐,去試吃港式打邊爐~ 各式各樣的醬料,正啊!

The soup. But that's not tomyam. hahahah~

Someone's bomb!

It's all you can eat steamboat in 2.5 hours.

The cheesy beef ball!

Another type of cheesball~

Ken, my netfriend. LOL

Smile more, friend.
寬容D啦~~~ ^_^

Then walked around HK city at night~

Hey you, doing good.

Clock tower?

It was too foggy to see the nice view of HK.

It was drizzling as well!


Beauty and the bear.

Ah-taaaaa~ You don't try to cheat me!

The next day, leaving HK and going back to Macau.

The sea wasn't too rough, but it was enough to make me sick.

Luckily I brought Ah Pek oil along!


Once reached Macau, we went to find our friend and healed our grumbling stomachs.

I think this is braised meat with satay sauce.

Some chop.

Creamy corn pork chop. 

Macau airport, bye~

8D7N trip ended in a glimpse of an eye. I guess it's always like this when it comes to vacation and holiday. Ahhhhhh..... I need another one badly. Hope my next trip will be up next in a glimpse of an eye as well!!

8天7夜的假期,就這樣過了~ 工作很摧殘,真希望明天又是假期了.......


-- Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes --