Saturday, August 25, 2012

SPCA again on Hari Raya

After Brownnie passed away, we found our home had gone so quiet and mom felt insecure without any dogs at home. Every day I came home, it just got me even more emotional as Brownnie wasn't there to wait for me any more.

After 2 weeks, on the 5th Aug, we decided to pay SPCA a visit to adopt a dog. Brownnie was Lulu's son and Lulu was Shirley's. Shirley was a female that followed my dad home last time and we decided to keep her. So we've never planned of buying any dog, we want to adopt and give a home to those poor canine.

Mom chose Cody, a 1 year old male which looks like a German Shepard mix. SPCA asked us to be back after 2 weeks for his vaccine injection.

So on the 19th Aug, Hari Raya (SPCA opens 365 days a year), we went back to SPCA.

Curious looking fur kid- Cody

He couldn't sit still, kept looking here and there.

About to reach!
He did gain a bit on his tummy comparing to the first time we saw him.

After Cody being jabbed, he couldn't get along with all the resident dogs around in SPCA, so I "borrowed" a cage from SPCA, locked him up while we looked for him a girl friend. FYI, all pets from SPCA have to be neutered and spayed before you can adopt them, so no worries that more puppies being populated. Cody was afraid and worried we dumped him in the cage and left as he was abandoned before :( so he stayed very very still in the cage.

Like this female, but a bit big for us.


She is gorgeous. But this is a resident dog.

They have all sorts and various colours of puppies too.

LOL!!! This puppy knows how to relax.

:D he's friendly.

1st question I asked him, hey dude, are you in the wrong place? You look like a pig!
LOL, just kidding. He's an albino dog :)

This was also in my consideration to bring home.

Awwww.... look at those eyes!!!

They're both very good friends.

Some fat dogs spotted!

After I've chosen 1 female, I went back to Cody. The SPCA staff told me, there was someone asking to adopt Cody. LOL

Then I showed Cody his gf, he did not reject her, so, this girl I brought home!

Cody looking at his gf, Abby.

Abby trying to hijack the car!

Cody is like asking "would you still love me?"

Abby girl, her white marking on her crown attracted me to choose her.

Just a few days, they get along quite well :)

Stop buying, support adoption!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The day I went to my waterfall for the first time

Sg Chiling, I've always wanted to pay a visit and finally did with no regrets!! Chi Ling is my Chinese name, so a waterfall named after me? :P

Yummy Panmee, only RM2.50 if not mistaken @ Kuala Kubu Baru.

Near the entrance.

Pay here, RM 2 per person for entry.

On the bridge to begin the journey, I was already excited.

Super clear water~~~

The adventure starts...... ^_^

First to cross~

See Pin: Mike~~~
Mike: Yes, I'm here!

:( sunken

Go green! Go green!

Another crossing~

If I were fatter....

Their turn.

Lots of pitcher plant!!

Feel like putting in an insect >.< evil me.

No swimming when it's raining!

Soaking our legs, damn nice.

Few more crossings!

Some flow is quick...

See Pin smiling to the cam, Mike struggling behind? Hahahaha

crystal clear with lots of fish~

I could still snap pictures :P

Awhile more, reaching soon!

Ahhhh~~~ finally! After 1 hour 30 mins or so!
The second tier~

Water is freaking cold!

Another angle.

You made me look like a giant. Sad.

Yay Yay~ Let's do it again!
We must get to the first tier next time!


Thank you babe.

They stung me, so I "shot" them.

Monkey everywhere~

Save our planet!!!


Happy faces~

Nature ♥

Happy me.

The Go Green! man with green towel.

Cute mushrooms!

We assumed these are the ripen ones.

Hop! Hop! Hop!

New life.

Bye Bye~ will come again~~

I got bitten by something >.< burning hot!!!

On the way back, saw a shop was burned down, ironically, fire extinguisher seller.

Back to Kepong...... time for dinner :D

I brought them to have dinner at the stall near Kepong KTM. They cook using charcoal! ^_^

Dessert: Ching Bou Leong

Kong Fu Chau~

Chau Pak Kor~ (Stir fried rice cake)

Hokkien Mee~

It was a day out right after Brownnie passed on. A good way to release. I still miss him from now and then. I cried daily, weekly and now, just once in awhile.

I hope there will be more outing! I love nature and outdoor activities!!

Have a happy long weekend! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends. Enjoy your holiday~~


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --