Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Night shift

Been working in AMM for 2 weeks and all I know was doing briefing and headlines, newspaper checking, clipping and scanning, I didn't know at all. Why??? Cos nobody is free to teach me or they're too lazy?? I don't know.

So I'm transferred to the night shift to learn. And I'm going to drive to work in about 30 mins time =.=

Working in the night is soooo tiring. I believe I've aged for 2 years for working 3 nights. Gosh..... I hate working in the night..... my head spins and ache every night. EVERY NIGHT!!!!

Once I think of working later I feel dizzy...

On the 2nd night, I went dizzy till I vomited for a few times.... T___T
I feel sick.
I have to request to make this training last for 1 week only, not 2.
I'm afraid I'll be dead real soon if I continue.

Furthermore, there is freak during the night shift. Not to say I hate him, but he really annoys me in times. What you expect me to do? Lick your feet?? Kill me or I'll kill you first.

But thank God there's at least some good people around, teaching me and taking care of me. If not, I'm already dead by now.

Time to suffer again. *sign off*

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
half dead

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another crazy fella.... hilarious!!

I was about bored and stressed (because of boredom) to death.... So I went for a crazy k-session with my friends at Neway 1U. Hmm.... Guess I don't have to say more in this blog... just use ur eyes and hearing (to 'listen' to the vids). The pics and vids will explain on their own. Thank you.

Oh, sorry for the poor quality. Nice cam wasn't available that night... so...... sorry.............

He was quite 'cool' at 1st.
Posing only as a sexy lady.

And then a shy girl with a little 'fan' (actually the scallop's shell).

Then the seashells bra he made for himself.
Sexy bro~~~~

Angga singing in a 'romantic' way....
With dorky look in the end+stopping the recording on his own *doot

Familyboy (Shawn) the rapper+ Angga the slut.
It ended up a good show of "in the end"
Familyboy will be having his own album soon, support!!!!

Angga's good. Thumbs up for him.
A full blasted version of 'Pump-it'.
Pay attention to the mid of the vid when he said "Stop recording I tell u!!"
Too bad the quality is too poor, if not you can see how he moved his fingers and head @_@

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy it. :) Thank you~~ ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, April 19, 2009

FUN night with my new colleagues

So it was my 1st week of new job in AMM, it went on quite smoothly, besides the lousy KTM. I took KTM from Monday to Thursday, but I was late for 2 days due to the stupid service of KTM. Fuck that shit!! So I drove to work on Friday.

Partly because I'm fed up with KTM, but mostly is because we're going to PARTAYYYYYY~~~~ It's more like a company thing.... Carlsberg, our client was having this event in The Loft, so they gave us some passes to enter for free, some goodies and a bottle of complimentary drink.

This was me on the 1st day for a new job. ;)

Right after work, I went into the toilet to get change. Wuahahahahaha~~~ Then a bunch a colleagues saw me. They were shocked. All went "wah~~ woah~~~". LOL. One girl even funnier, asked the weirdest question ever, "do u have a bf??" wth, what was that Q for. Hahahaha~~~

I didn't even put on make-up in the office toilet (to avoid getting more wahs and wows), I went to my car, and started to 'draw' my face while waiting for Zoe to reach, then fetching her to The Loft together.

This was me waiting in my car, and the sun has already gone down.

The cute camel~ haha AmBank bulding.

Then we reached at this Heritage Row where The Loft is located.

It was already packed with people when we got there.

They even got the red carpet for celebs.
The photographers were all busy taking pics of the celebs.
And I was the one taking pics for the photographers. Haha.

Rows of disgusting drinks to me.

They have this figure hanging there that scared Zoe.

Camwhore of course. It's a very important thing!!

Fui was 'flash shy', I couldn't get the flash on. Don't believe me?
See the next pic.

See...... shy looking face.

With a few of my new colleagues.

I think he was scary with the white mask.

Jamilah, the one who prepares the payroll. Don't mess with her.
I took a pic of her, and she treatened me. LOL

Jamilah and Katryn, 2 party girls.
Surprise~ surprise~

We left The Loft a few minutes after the show started. LOL. We couldn't stand the boredom... plus, the hosts, MyFm Djs, were speaking in cantonese, and some of my colleagues can't understand... So we left and headed to another club... Wooo hooo~~ The the show really started. Our show. Hahahaha

Yea, Aloha the Honolulu Club~~ hahaha
It just 5 mins walk from my office. LOL

This was the sticker some girl gave me... for lucky draw or something.. while we were still in The Loft.

Andrew requested for the VIP serve area, and it wasn't a bad choice at all!! Being served as VIP was really cool~~~~ That we get our private space to hang out. Weeeee~~

It was really crowded that night. Luckily we were upstairs.

Shots were good to everyone~

There!! The ganas woman. LOL

Zoe, Stanlee and me.

Camwhore again. In different place, had to do it again. :P

From left: Me, Leven, Zoe

Casie, Zoe, me

Casie, the mother with a son, and Zoe
So cute and pretty still~~

Casie and me.
Seemed like I were her mom and she's my daughter in this pic.

After a few shots and drinks, we're all high enough.
Doing the 'driving' dance move. Hahahaha

Me, Zoe, Leven, Casie, Yvonne.

Then shuffle started. Zoe and me joined him to shuffle in our heels.
Once again, we shocked them. Hahahaha

Yvonne attempting to kiss Fui.
Luckily I managed to deter myself from bursting into laughter to take a good picture.

There was live show downstairs.

Hot chicks!!
Some looked a bit like tranny from Thai tho. *sorry

Yvonne got him unbutton. After a few drinks, he wasn't that shy anymore too.

Leven with very very red face.

Fui, Aaron and Jamilah dancing HOT!!

At that happy hour, have to capture a moment like this. huh??

Casie, Zoe, me and Fui's face cut into half.

The couple that dressed in white~ Chris and Echo

They sang Beyond's 'hoi foot tin hong' together

Haha~ funny pic. All different pose.

It was such a great night, where I could have fun with some of my new colleagues. :))
Drank quite a few types of shots and liquor, Fuiyoh~~ nice :D
And once again, I didn't get drunk.
I even met police block while driving home. Luckily they didn't stop me. hahahaha
But I got some side effect though, and it came fast, on that night itself.

There, I got rashes again~~ On my back, boobs, stomach and butt. Luckily nothing on my revealing parts like arms and legs. :D oh, and face!! haha

--Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes-

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Half Day out with Mom

I was supposedly going out alone today, as nobody was free :(
Then mom told me last night to go on my own, cos she has been going to school from Monday to Saturday (for Hari Raya Holiday class replacement).

When I got up this morning, she told me that she'd be going with me. I think mom was tempted to go shopping too. Haha!! Then I drove to KTM, parked my car, then got ourselves tickets. Bloody bad luck today, waited a dreadful 1 hour!!!

I hope that won't be happening tomorrow morning. It's kinda like a bad sign to me... I got retrenched on March 13th, and tomorrow, is the 13th again!! Argh~~!!~~~ Enough of 13s!! God blesses me~~~~~ I pray. Amen.

We went to Sogo, used to be our all time favourite shopping mall. 1 Stop, and we get everything we need. But I'd not been there for such a long time... revisited today, and I bet it'll be my all time favourite shopping place again!!

Lunch time was here, then we 'hopped' in to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch.

A cup of earl grey tea was refreshing.

Creamy Seafood Pasta. Not bad!!!

Fish and chips for mom.

Coleslaw with raisins.

Happy that mom loved it. She's kinda difficult to please in western food. :D

I'm glad that mom went shopping with me... for my working shoes... if not, I wouldn't realized there was this pair of shoes... :D

I know some people will go like "aiyo~~ you're wearing shoes for ah ma (grannys) or aunties.
But I don't care. As long as my feet are comfortable in it.
Plus, I can run fast in these shoes~~ haha
I dont want to sacrifice and hurt my pretty little feet!!

And it says "Enjoy your life" :D

I think it looks quite nice afterall.
Thanks to the line of stiches. hehe~
But I think my leg looked like swollen in this pic. Iek!!

Thanks Mom. I had a great day shopping for shoes with you. ;) xoxo
Tomorrow, taking public transport to work to avoid the crowd in traffic.
I pray for safety in those public transports and also 'safety' at work.
Please don't get into any stupid jokes... Please~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--