Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2 girls and a trip to Myanmar - Bagan (Part 1)

After 9 hours of bus ride from Yangon, we've finally reached Bagan! The stop that I've been looking forward to~

It was 4.30am and once we got down from the bus, many taxi drivers (car/horse cart) would come to you and asked where you're going and wanted to get the business.

We chose a taxi, charging us 10-13 USD if not mistaken. When we arrived at the hotel, the receptionist advised it usually cost only 9 USD or even lesser during this low season.

The map given by hotel. Not all pagodas and temples included, you just have to discover yourself.

To enter the city, you need to pay for USD 20. So must have some USD prepared with you.
Also accept EUR, but there's some difference in value.

The guest house we booked, Bagan Nova. 
It is located in New Bagan. I'd suggest to stay in Old Bagan if you don't like to travel about 15 mins daily to the park.

The guest house has only 2 floors with less than 15 rooms.

The guest house is located around residential area.

The common area.

The room~
As it is very hot in Bagan, they put on thermal insulated curtains.
RM 455.88 for 4 nights, breakfast included.

Love the breakfast at the guest house.
Every morning we get mango juice, fruits, sweets and coffee/tea.

Choose from noodles or toast.
We tried to have both, they gave us without additional charge too!

After breakfast, went to hire an E-bike (USD 5/5000 kyat for a day) and started to explore! 
Htilominlo Temple~

Big Buddha.

Cute and colourful bags~

Shwe Zi Gone Pagoda.

It was a bit gloomy that day.

Pretty wood carvings.

Monk in the temple.

Some random spot, I don't remember where >.<

While we were on our way to see the sun set, we met a local and suggested to bring us to a better view.

To go or not to go.

No shorts, shoes/socks, singlets allowed in all temples and pagodas.

Panoramic view while waiting for sunset. 

The sky wasn't clear...

The local told us that this is newly built, do not hold on it as it is not strong enough to support.

Sun shining through the clouds~

Playing with different mode :) Kinda romantic~

No egg yolk kinda sunset, but the sky colour is so amazing!

Self reminder again: must buy wide angle lens!

I believe I can fly~ and I've touched the sky... LOL

This is the sand art artist that brought us to have a more private place to view sunset and spent time introducing us to Bagan.

In the end we bought 2 pieces of sand art from him, total 16k kyat.
He's such a kind person, works hard and making his own living.
I wish you all the best Mr. kind sand art artist!

Cute local business around the neighbourhood.

Such a hot day~

Heading to another famous spot for sunset and met a herd of cows.

Vendors and tour guides gathering spot.

See those containers? They are filled with water. 
You practically can see them everywhere.

Shwesandaw Pagoda, the famous spot for sunset watching.

The scary stairs, going up is alright. 

Timer is my best friend when I'm alone.

The landscape, filled with cows

That's Thatbyinnyu Temple on the right.

And that's Dhammayangyi Temple.


There, this is how scary it looks.

It's just so peaceful here~

Enter to discover.....

Giant reclining Buddha!

If you like, you can rent horse cart to travel around too.
But, horse cart is even slower than E-bike. Furthermore, I pity those horses.... so small.

Before the rain falls, explore a little bit more.

Sulamani Temple!

A closer look of Dhammayangyi Temple, so grand :)

Stay tuned for part 2!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --