Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The slim waist and the fat ass....

In one of the afternoon these days, my love showed me these..... I had a good laugh, how about you??? Leave me comments and let me know ya???

Lulu with her slim slim waist, showing me and my sis how she got rid of the metal gate and entered the living room. HAHA!!

Brownnie could only yawned and see his mother entering so easily. All he could do was standing there, looking innocent again. HAHA!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PPC's avanced bday celebration

This would be more like a photo blog :))
It's all about food and friends...

I got ready and waiting for Shawn to come pick me up as he volunteered.
Please do not misunderstand, he is an ahmad that I treasured a lot. Ha!! Like this one??
I found I've gained some weight in this picture with those big hips.

The Gardens Mall.

Shawn and I were the earliest to reach.
While waiting, we headed into Boarders.

Then Rachel came.
And we camwhored.

Zoe came, I dragged her one side to write on the card for PPC. :D

I just like the lighting on the wall....

A pic of all girls of course.
I ended up being the most contra. >.<
They were all in working suits and I was in clubbing attire??? T_T

Change postitions~~~

Sushi Zanmai it was. We waited for almost an hour for our perfect seats. Darn.

And the guys.

I remember we didn't order Sake, but these girls went nuts.

And PPC~~ with her new hairstyle. Victoria Beckham. Woot woot!!

This was the tasteless Soba. LOL

Great sushi. Awesome I should say.

Tendon I guess.

Someone's. LOL

Chicken katsu don if not mistaken.

And the breath taking sushi. My black caviar!!!

Ready to eat. AHHHH~~~~~

Um...... delicious!!!

Zoe's soft shell crab was being A BIT slow....

There, the CRAB.
I ordered them 'stay' (command for dogs LOL) while I took the pic.

And once I said "ok" these girls lost their nerves.

Angga's sushi.

stuffed with whole lots of wasabi. Zoe and Rach's job.

And him "enjoying" it. Seemed like he was having his prayers. LOL

And more of it..... Poor sonny~~

PPC with our dessert.

Another dessert.

It took me quite awhile to eat it.
With my body weight today, I have to consider.
Thinking so hard until my eyes crossed.

Well.... it's okay to have just one right???
But I ended up eating 3?? or 4?? =.=

A group pic before we left of course.
I looked like a plus size MOM.
And Angga being the most eye-catching one.

Then it was time to open-the-present~~~
It's bigger than her body size.
Fully covered. LOL

Busy with the unwrapping process.

Once it was out, first thing to do was to put it in front of her face.
Super matching pig with PPC's theme.

She was flattered and surprised with its tail.
And started playing with it and coming with 'a-ah~~a-ah~~' sound.

Then posed with it.

Of course I took a pic with them. Yes, them.

Happy Birthday PPC. Hope you enjoyed very much for everything. And didn't get upset with anything. :) Love ya, xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Monday, March 23, 2009

How I spend my 'holiday'

Today is the 10th day since the day I left.... and these are what I'd been doing for the past 10 days...

Got a book I've been looking for sooooo long~~ Original with hard cover copy of Marley & Me~~

Read it through... and I've done half of it on the 14th.

At this moment, I've just done reading the whole book. I've never had so much tears in a short period, or should I say I'm being very emotional recently??? Watching my mom walking up the stairs to her work place made my eyes wet; re-watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made myself bit my lips and had a moment when seeing Charlie was such an understanding boy.....

All these happened in just one afternoon, which was today.... I wonder, when will be the time for my two beloved pets, one is turning 13 and one is turning 9 this year..... I know they would never live longer than me... only if I end mine earlier (touch wood)....

I'd definitely miss seeing Brownnie's dumbo face after a cool bath

And Lulu dreaming her way off in the afternoon... big yawn~~~


Zoe knows me the best, brought me out to dine and talk silly jokes to cheer me up is the best way. Talking to me will just make me end up in teary face.

A steamboat restaurant called -- Steamboat in Desa Park City

I had the "Ching Tong" soup and she had her Tom Yam
The portion seemed not enough for me... so I went for 2nd round in the night market near my house.

I also paid a visit to the pet shop. Which I'd definitely be happy. A zoo does the same too. :)

I met this Mao Mao (I named it) that cheered me right away at 1st sight. Awww~~

Took out the old guitar of mine, and gave it a good 'spring cleaning'....

it looks all shinny now~

Then back to reality.... I have to apply for jobs and structure my resume.... Thanks to Lea for helping me and the guidance given to me... then only I could have a proper resume to send out for application.

Certs and documents needed spreading on my bed

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
still in the moment of herself

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The fear and love in the "Confessions of a Shopaholic"

I just came back not long from the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Referring to the title, that's two things I felt while watching. Fear and Love.

Fear, I don't feel really good looking at mannequins in window displays or wherever you could find mannequins. In this movie, the mannequins talk and move!! How "wonderful"!!! I feel sick and eerie watching them moving around Rebecca, talking to her and touching her. EEEWWWWWWW!!!

Love. It's just so happy to see when Rebecca finally gives up her luxuries, and Luke comes back to her. Awww... so loving~~ And before that, all the great things and understanding attitude of Luke to Rebecca are just soooo.... soooo..... GREAT!! Did I say great again?? Well, it's just so wonderful to see a nice guy, a couple that is detined together overcomes everything (typical Hollywood genre)....

Made me thinking about nice guys again.... I'm not greedy, at least I think I'm not. Why haven't I bumped into a single one?? I know, in movies, they are all perfect, stunning, successful... and with all the good qualities. But, all I want is a good guy?? Ahhh.... I've no idea what I want to say, maybe I'm still 'drunk' with that perfect Mr. Brandon in the movie.....

I'll just stop writing here rather than talking like an insane. Ciao~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
wanting my own Mr. Brandon

Monday, March 16, 2009

LJMU Convocation 08.03.09 and party at night

On the 8th of March, it was our convocation ceremony, it held in KLCC Convention Center. Early in the morning, Rachel came to fetch me. After all the hassle, registering ourselves, queuing up to get ourselves dressed in gowns and mortar boards worn, it was time for group photo session.

Thank God, uncle and mom came to the ceremony. Uncle brought along his DSLR cam and helped me to capture as many pretty pictures as possible. For the stage photo and group photo of course. If not, I'd definitely not going to afford bloody RM300 for that bloody package from that bloody studio!!

Although it's small, but doesn't matter to me.

We, getting ready for another pose...

YAY~~thumbs up!! My mouth was 'superb'!!

There, this is better. :P

Another nice pic of us.
I bet the studio doesn't have this zoom in picture of us :P :P :P (they have actually)
But mine's FOC. Ne ne ne ne

After a little while, the ceremony started. Some VIPs gave speech..... ZZZzzzZZZ.... Then it was time for us, the most honored moment of all!!! Cert receiving on the stage!!! Heart throbbing!! Dub. Dub. Dub. Dub.....

Walking through the aisle to get onto the stage :D

But before that, get a picture 1st. LOL

And there!! "Hermione Granger" shaking hand with "Professor Dumbledore"~~
And we were all in "Hogwarts School of Magic" (Prisc, please don't smack me)

Our pride!!!!

The tradition, mortar boards flewing up in the sky~~~ hahaha

Of course with the lady who made me up to this success!!

Another with the stage behind... :)

Then we went out of the grand hall, to take more pics. I feel like I was a bride more than a graduate now when I see these pics. LOL

This is my favourite picture.

This too not bad. ;)

With KLCC as the background. So nice.... :)

Then headed in to the ballroom for buffet. The food was quite nice I would say, especially the mushroom soup. YUMMY~~~~~~~~

PPC and Mike were busy with their food. And I was busy smiling for pic :P

Thanks to Uncle, came back from SG just to attend my convo and taking pics for me xoxo

With angga, there I discoverd his nice waist cum stomach. haha

Then rachel came in. Dont know whether if she finds out his *perfect* waist cum stomach... haha
p.s: Due to Angga, we took like 5 times to get this pic right. I've no idea what's wrong with him.

We took pics in the outdoor as well ;)

Said goodbyes to Uncle, as he had to be back to SG on that day itself. Then we went home. Thanks Rachel for fetching us home~~


And when the night fell...... I turned to be Catwoman. WTH!!!

Was just joking about that. HAHA.

We planned to go Euphoria MOS, but didn't manage to. It wasn't opened... They have made enough of money I guess. So we ended up in Barcelona!! And it went all wild and high~~~ LOL

I was prepared :P

With my toes plastered up. Thanks to the pointy shoes..
Rachel went crazy and screaming "SO CUTE~~" when we've done partying and she was half drunk.

It started quite cool.... and calm....

Then the girls went high fast without pills. LOL

Zoe seemed like suffering..... LOL LOL

This pic really has to be edited... haha... PPC, even ur head loses in this 'competition' LOL

Last but not least, a group picture (without Zoe and Boss).
Look at that Rachel, SOOO DRUNK looking face. AHAHAHA

Rachel was really drunk that night I guess. When she started to kiss people around, tossing ice into the guys' shirts and meowing like a cat at a corner till the waiter looked at her. LOL
Rachel.... u're so cute lar.... HAHAHAHA

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
in the process of recovering