Monday, January 31, 2011

Penang Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm which is located near Batu Ferringhi, has been there since very long ago. When I was a kid, this was a must go spot during school trip. So this time when I visited Penang, I want to go and see how it has changed.

It amazed me how well they maintained that place and with improvements too! Too bad my camera's battery went dead so I didn't get to take pictures for the whole farm.

I love this sign!

A butterfly with red body = HOT!

Wings stretched open~

Goosebumps and my hair stood all over when taking these pictures.

I'm not a big fan of caterpillars.

In fact, I'm afraid of them very much.

They're soooo disgusting to me. I'm sorry. >.<

That's why I prefer when they turned into butterflies.

So many of them~~~
Made a beautiful pattern.

I named it as tiger butterfly because it has colours of tigers!

Plain butterfly. LOL

Cute yellow flower~~~

Sexy butterfly on bright red flowers.

Wings with eyes....

Different feel when it's on leaves.

Another disgusting creature. Yiaks!

UHU's ambassador? :D

Funny eyes like Ultraman.


This fella has very nice and unique colours on the inside.
I waited so long but it refused to open up for me. :(
Ok lor~ enjoy your pineapple.

Snow Leopard Butterfly. Ya, I named it as well.

I like this one. So futuristic!

The biggest one! But it's not a butterfly, it's a moth.

Another beautiful angle for her.

Oh hai~ why are you acting so cool?

This is one that away from the crowd.

No, I'm not taking pics of leave. See again for sure.

This is a fat one. A very fat one.

Twig insect looks just like twigs!!

A pond in the middle of the farm.
With many Bandaraya- looking fish.

Nice view~

It's a very common pattern.


Tortoise with icing and coloured face. :P

And my camera battery went dead.......... So I missed some chances in taking nice stuff and food during the trip in Penang. This was really a wonderful short break for me. Relaxing, contented and good opportunity to catch up with friends.

Killer, although I've said it many times, but I still want to say it again, thank you very very very much!! hugssssssss

It's Chinese New Year in less than a week's time, wish everyone to have a great holiday and quality time spent! Dong dong dong chiang~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Friday, January 28, 2011

Penang Toy Museum

The next morning, I went to have buffet breakfast at the coffee house in the hotel as it is included when I booked the room.

I always love traditional breakfast.
Since young, Cococrunch is always what I love the most.

Tried some meehoon, chicken sausage and rendang too.
Meehoon, salty like they have free supply of salt.
Rendang chicken, no taste. Maybe they sprinkled the salt in the wrong pot?
So the best on this plate was the sausage. LOL

After breakfast, I went to Penang Toy Museum with my friends. It is
located at Jalan Tanjung Bungah, just in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel. Admission, RM10 (Malaysian), RM20 (foreigners).

Ta- dah~~~ We have arrived!!

Predator at the entrance.




Mr. V with a girl in blood/ chocolate of bathtub?

Disgusting creature.

I'm damn sure if he'll get strike first when lightning.

They're cute. But not when they touched water.

Ah Pin~ purposely take these for you one~

This strider is not "rugged" enough.

Ehhh... I think this is from FF.

Ah Weng, where's your gf?

I nearly shitted in my skirt as he suddenly "appeared".


Lara! I want her waist. :P

Jack~ I'm so in love with you~~~~

Lara again. I think he owner adores her.

Batman. Funny combi with Pluto and this striped cat.

Haiya! If you see clearly, there's actually a crack on the glass.


Ei? How come they're not triangle? LOL

Power Ranger??

Aiyo.... your chin has a hole~
You can eat then?
Later 下巴漏洞.

Shrek!! Cute max!!


Barbie's version - Supergirl.

Oh man~ you're so "yeng"~

Mom's favourite.

Ah Pin, another one for you.
Spotted by Ah Weng.

See! Another one~

Hamsap zai, this is specially for you. LOL

Lou poh bang from HK~ Thanks a lot!

This Toy Museum is quite nice to visit. Interesting stuff in there. Too many windows of figurines. What I've just shown, only like 5%? Happy to get all the flash back when I was in there. :)

Happy weekday peeps!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--