Sunday, May 1, 2016

My favourite night market - Talad Rot Fai (Train Market) Srinakarin

Hello~ It's been such a long time since I've updated a post on here. I'm lucky to have taken such a long fulfilling holiday and found a job on time :) So I've been busy working recently and getting used to working life again~

To recap, I visited friends in BKK last December, this post is all about food and the interesting night market that I've visited - Srinakarin Train Market!

First time to try - salted egg salad.
Oh! So so so good!

Grilled pork neck, always a must have.

Very tiny chicken wings~ :D

Love the colours~

Spotted that building far end on the left?
The famous elephant building~ ^^

Best place to have ice cream~
Swenson's :)

Ahhhh~ so so so cooling :D

Coco's so excited to see her order.

My favourite waffle!

HK style steamboat~

Very very good steamboat!

Steamboat with dim sum too~

Two prices buffet:
THB 398 or THB 498, your choice.

There is no MRT/BTS to reach Srinakarin, only option is to take cab.

There are lots of food stalls here~
This Phad Thai stall provides seats~

Very spicy seafood salad ^_^

From left: Coconut share, Rose Apple and Mango.

Very crunchy fried chicken fillet!

Time for shopping after eating!
I bought 4 boxes here and they gave me a very good price.

Big big crowd!

Cafes here are very vintage~

The owner of this cute pup sells make up.
Very good marketing strategy~

This is only a small small part of the night market.

Everything is so vintage me got me so excited!

Very good for photo shooting~

Very cute and creative!

Elvis Presley!

A little vintage museum~

Music, companion and dog~ such a nice scene.

Wish I could bring these back~


Finally, girls' time!

Location: Soi Srinakarin 51 (behind Seacon Square), Bangkok, 10900
For more information, call 08-7978-0578
Opening Hours: Thursday-Sunday 17:00-24:00


Very very smooth and tasty macha ice cream!

That's all for today~ Not been to any travels recently, hope I will be back on the journey soon!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --