Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Year of Raaaaaabeeeet!

This CNY was quite a relaxing and spent lots of time with family and friends. Oh well~ this is the time where everyone is having holiday and free at the same time. Too bad for me, CNY eve and 1st day of CNY still had to work. Damn~

So, my celebration started only on day 2.

As usual, we went back to Dad's hometown. This is the 8th CNY without dad, but we still go back every year to visit some beloved aunts and uncles.

"Year year got fish"~

CNY who was doing business during CNY? Franchise chain lo~

Let's go let's go~

Aunty Ming~

He looks exactly like his dad, he's been cloned! LOL

This is Michelle, a girl next door.
Once we stepped into the house, she went like:" aunty happy new year, a prosperous year and be healthy~"
No joke, this girl is the bomb. LOL

The kids~

monkey face. Haha!

I looked "dead" here.... >.<
The night before was still working until 12am.....

Little Jay Chow. LOL

Butter milky cookies!! Best!!


Tomato flavoured chips~

Camera man's skill is really.................. =.=

A star- shaped Muruku~

My favourite porkie meatball!!
I did not edit this picture, I have no idea how come it turned out to be so vibrant.

Flowers in couzie's balcony.

Roof tiles. LOL

Cute~ she's lying on my bro's lap.

Flower petals which look like textile.

Not pretty cannot go in is it?

On the way home, we witnessed and enjoyed the sunset~ ♥

This looks just like the view in Lion King~

It was just a simple yet contented day. I love it and treasure all the moments I have had with my family~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chester Zoo Weee~~~

Since it's Valentine's Day today, I'm gonna blog something about love. :)

It was a longggggggggggggg waited trip to Chester Zoo! Weeeeee~~~~ Early in the morning, we went to look for Ivan but he wasn't ready yet so I took a short nap in the stairway. LOL.

The strain station~~~ Excited!

Waiting for the train to come~
No, it wasn't late, it was us early. The train in UK is very sharp on time.

Here it comes~

It was a 1 hour journey~ round trip £16.50.

Notice that I'm holding an umbrella?
We experienced something really weird that day.
At the entrance, it was raining. Once entered the zoo, couldn't even feel a drip!

2 sillies.

It was like hey you! watchu looking at?

They're dating. *love is in the air*

And one 摊尸 here.

And then looks like it's drinking its own pee.

The kurang belasah look.

Love these camouflage animal!

Looks exactly like a photoshoped picture. LOL

Then we saw these funny Llama~

She loves it too much and had to kiss it.

We're the gum gum and dum dum.
Don't understand? Go watch Night in The Museum.

The batwomen are here! Beware~

I was blown up that time.

I was thinking...... or rather posing..... hehehe

Girl girl~ your lollies nice ma??

Green everywhere!

Please spot the xiao zhar bo~

First they kissed.

Then they hugged. Awwww.......

The green fringe.

Another fella joined my fringe party~

Serigala berwarna.

Paktoh spot.

Sho cute wanna carry it home!!!
It is Red Panda.

Mine and panda's.

A tiger named Kepala.

Love the way they built the zoo.

Yo! Wassup?

This sea lion is very very cute~~~

Aiyer..... so chubby I wanna cubit~~~~

Looking at you.

A group of Flamingo~

He purposely chose this place to pee and caught everyone's attention.


This is so cool!

This is a very special species with a very unique name which I can not recall.

It's look like a combo of zebra and horse.

This is another rare species.

My camera's battery went flat >.<


cheeky face~

Interactions with the hornbill~

Then sillier things continued....


And the kids imitated. LOL

Jaguar and Puma.

I think she looks more like a bird than a jaguar.

My Super Mario jump with a tucked out tummy. >.<

Kissing the moo moo~

I forgot what song we were chanting but we made passerby smiled.

Love the autumn feel~

Hehehe.... so cute like the jet in airport mania.

She felt so happy by just holding these balloons.

LOL!!! My expression!

Waiting for the train to come~

It was such a happy day trip~ There's so much love in the zoo~~ Seeing all the animals loving their partners is so awesome! Love is in the air~~~~ Even in the zoo~~~ ehehee. Happy Valentine's Day peeps :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --