Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wat Chiang Man and Wat Lok Molee

I've spent only 2 nights in Pai, I think that's really short, should have made it at least the double of the period.

Have something to eat before I left Pai, the lovely town.
Superb satay!

Thai Iced Tea, love it any time!

Some spicy meat with rice.

Salad with cashew nuts~

Glass noodles in soup, my favourite!

Post box

It was raining when I was leaving Pai, money changer is the shelter for doggies~

Back to Chiangmai~
Make a right turn at Rachadamnoen Road to Wat Chiang Man~

Coincidentally when I went there, a prayer event was held. 

I think this would be the temple I love most. 

Signs of ageing. LOL

Thank God for the good weather

Awesome ice cream!
Those nuts are soooo crunchy~

Bought from this cute lady~ :)

Then I walked for about 20 minutes to another temple~

Walking around admiring the scenery~

Everywhere is green~

Arrived at the temple I wanted to visit the most!
It's not a famous tourist spot, I discovered it while in the Songthaew.

Nice surroundings~

It's not a big temple, but I like all the sculptures around which I couldn't capture using my pancake lens.

It looks small here....

The famous Tha Phae Gate!
It's a very good landmark when you navigate in the city~

I came here everyday for the foot massage, THB 130 per hour. Awesome!!!
Please tip them if you like the service. I've seen many foreigners did not do that.
It's either they thought they are not good or they thought it's unnecessary in Asia.

Next I might write about the restaurants I've been to in Chiangmai~

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I need a new pair of women shoes

I'm planning to buy a pair of women shoes (yes, October's salary is out!) and there are such a wide range of women shoes to choose from! Which one should I go for?
1. Nude peep toe pumps


The nude coloured pumps make women so elegant and feminine! Oh! Sexy too~ Can be worn to the office, dinner parties or even out on a special date looking amazing naturally. Besides that, it's easy to match with outfits, especially black, white, beige, peach or pink clothing. 

2. Ballet flats


I'm not a big fan of pumps or high heels, so I need a pair of flats to attend more casual occasions. A cute pair of ballet flats would be sweet. Women look cute when wearing a pair of ballet flats, matching with dresses or even jeans! 

3. Sleek black city boots


I have always like this cool looking type of shoes that suits my character. I can match it with skinny jeans or a skirt so I can show off an extra edgy tough character in front of others. Also, it is very comfortable and I could wear it for one whole day walking around without feeling sore on my feet.

Interested to get them? Have a look at ZALORA for the wide range of women shoes online offered from various local and international brands in reasonable prices.

I need to grab one now, till then!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Monday, October 20, 2014

Review of Pai Vieng Fah Resort

Choosing the correct accommodation in Pai for myself, I took these things into consideration:

1. Location - quiet and easy access

2. reasonable price
3. Cleanliness

After checking out a few places on the internet, I booked Pai Vieng Fah Resort in the end and not regret one bit when I arrived!

When I was at the bus station, I called the resort and asked for direction, the receptionist said, wait there, 5 minutes, we will send someone to pick you up! How nice!

This is the cute tuk-tuk that came to pick me up~
And it's free of charge!

Once entered, the view on the left.



Every corner is very cosy. 

Just sit and relax.

View from the reception area.

Walking towards my little hut~

The lower level is toilet, middle is reception area and the top floor is a place for you to view scenery.

My cot for 2 nights on the ground floor~ love it!

After settling down, I walked around the places nearby~

So green!!!

What a contrast.

A bar and place to stay.

This resort has very attentive staff. If you do not rent a motorbike and do not want to walk to the main street, you can request to have the tuk-tuk sent you to the main street and it's free of charge! Room is quite clean, price is reasonable, surrounding is quiet, so overall I rate it 8/10.

It was a pleasant stay and good experience. If I ever go to Pai again, I will stay here. 

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

Monday, October 13, 2014

What to do in Pai, Thailand - Part 2

To emphasize again, I just wanted to relax myself during this 3 weeks trip in Thailand, so my schedule was  not so pack. Another day in Pai, I went to:

Yunnan Culture Centre, Mor-Pang Waterfall, Temple on the Hill, Madame Ju Coffee, Heart of Pai, Pai Walking Street and Jikko Bar

Must fill the stomach before the journey started!

Love the iced tea!

Thai, fried rice is always my choice.

I'd prefer the colour of Pad Thai to be deeper..... 

Potato salad.... onions more than potato. LOL

Arrived at the Yunnan Culture Centre~

It's like a Chinese Village!


Really made me felt like I went to China :D

Found a model. Look at her! So cool!

Chinese castle~

Yes! Sunnies!
It was a bloody hot and sunny day~

Next, I went to Mor-Pang Waterfall.


The waterfall.... eh..... so little water.
So I just came here, took picture and left.

Pai Mountain Lodge, awesome!

Along the way to another destination, beautiful view everywhere~

I got attracted by these goats!
They were sooooo funny standing so still I thought they were statues!

Because I'm HAPPPIEEEE~~~

Temple on the Hill, there sits a white Buddha overlooking Pai town.

This is the view, isn't it awesome?

The temple is still in construction here and there, so be ready to walk uphill without stairs.

Love the colours.

The weather was too hot, stopped by for tea break!
Madame Ju Coffee is the place, in Pai city centre.

Love their decors.

So elegant.

Cosy too~

Having a competition with Mona Lisa.

Iced chocolate~

Awesome banana fritters!

I think this is the cosiest corner.

Lots of cute figurines~

Same series too~

Heart of Pai, famous for the upside down house ^_^

Another cute resort found along the journey~

Lovely flower~ :D

Goldie asked me to bring him out~

This is a good place to write and send postcards.
They provide pens in different colours, rubber stamps with cute designs and etc.

Come to this stall if you love pigs!

The owner is very passionate in his artwork and very friendly to help me took picture.

Lots of props for picture taking!

Fruit stall, my favourite!
Buy and cut on the spot!

Support the local artist!

To end the night, I went to Jikko Bar.

Yes, they serve Mai Tai and Mojito for THB 59!!!
Not virgin at all~


Love the atmosphere~ 

The bartender!

Pai is really a nice place to travel, to relax, to spend time with anyone or just yourself. I'd want to go again next time although the journey is a bit difficult to me.


-- Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes --