Sunday, July 8, 2012

More updates about food and some junks

We eat 2-3 times a day for regular people, so food updates are more often :)

It was Mothers' Day so we went to Red Yeast for some healthy lunch.

I always order the same drink every time I come.
Organic Passion Fruit ♥

This is herbal rib soup with seaweed - 海带汤
I felt "ohm" once I finished it!

Organic choy dam - 有机菜胆


Herbal spareribs~ 四君子排骨

Chicken with Mulberry~ 桑椹子鸡

Red Yeast Taufu~ 招牌肉碎豆腐

Then some outing with good friends to catch up~ :)

Canton-i's Fried "lobak" cake~

Siu mai~

Tony Roma's Cajun Chicken Sandwich~

Cream sauce spaghetti~
I always prefer cream sauce than red sauce :)

It's fun and happy when you finally received the goodies you have ordered online.

My cute pony casing with lousy English description. LOL

The other one which has more bling bling~

The chunky bracelet ~ ♥

Vintage camera~

owls~ active only at night :)

and a series of fruits minipol~

Ok, just a short update. Gotta hit the bed and wake up at 4am again. Wish everyone to have a great start with no Monday blues!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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