Monday, August 3, 2015

2 girls and a trip to Myanmar - Yangon

The long awaited trip has finally arrived! 11D10N to Myanmar, 2 nights in Yangon, 4 nights in Bagan and 4 nights in Mandalay.

Before flying to Myanmar, I've changed USD 600 at the rate of 3.75, total of RM 2250.

We took flight to Yangon on the first day, arriving at almost 7pm local time. Please take note, the money changer at the airport closes quite early, after we have changed the USD to kyat (local currency, pronounce as chat), the available counters started closing.

1 USD = 1118 Kyat

Then I realized they actually accept Ringgit as well. But not so common yet.
Also, in Myanmar, there are tourist spots that required to pay admission using USD, so it's better to have some USD.

Then we took the airport taxi to downtown, USD 9. There were too many taxi drivers out there, cheaper too. However we found it too crowded and clueless, so we headed to the airport taxi counter.

This is our room, super clean!
We paid RM 249.46 for 2 nights, with breakfast.

USD 100 = 1 bundle of 100,000 Kyat!

You can choose western or local breakfast.
I chose western for the first day.

Streets of Yangon.

Spotted a few outlets of Chatime at Yangon. 
Price ranges between USD 3.9-5.9, so expensive!

The beautiful city hall~
It's not plain white color if you can see.

AYA Bank's building, colonial style.

Then we went to the Maha Bandoola Park to take a stroll.

Weather was nice~
But it got too hot at noon.

This is the Independence Monument in the park.

Sule Pagoda at the back.

The High Court.

The busy bustling streets of Yangoon.
But it's clean.

The place to get souvenirs.

Not interested in jewelries, so I didn't check the price.
I bought only key chains, longyi and t-shirt here.

First day here, didn't know where and what to eat.
We saw Ya Kun and went for it.
This meal cost 4000 Kyat, expensive I'd say.

Ice cream with cool design!
You don't have to peel the wrapper :D

Shwedagon Pagoda, a must visit!
Entrance fee: 8000 Kyat

It was raining season, Yangon was quite wet all day.

Night scene was just awesome!

The darker the sky, the brighter it shines.

See the new moon? So cute~

So bling~

Dinner time, we went to Chinatown.
Walked around and finally found a food stall with the Chinese banner menu.

Such symmetry.

Clear soup with noodles.

The other soup was spicier, added the friend wanton, total to 3500 Kyat.

Next day, we were leaving to Bagan.
This was the local breakfast, I liked it so much!
Soup was fantastic!

The place where we had breakfast.

As we have pretty much explored the city, our bus to Bagan only at 8pm, so we went for a spa!
Inya Spa is not nearby where we stayed, we took a taxi and he charged us only 3000 Kyat!
You better make pre booking before visit as they have limited slots.

We were looking for 2 hours massage, however only managed to go for 75 minutes foot massage, 13000 Kyat.

After the spa, the owner helped us to get a taxi at 1500 kyat to central mall.
Went to try their local fast food, Chic and Chill, 2 plates of these cost 9900 Kyat.
Kinda like luxurious meal with this price...

Love this :)

Night bus to Bagan.
20k Kyat. The bus station is far away from city centre, so we had the hotel to send us there, cost 10k Kyat.
The bus is very comfortable, with blanket and neck pillow.

It's with a packet of this toiletries too!

That's all for Yangon, next will be Bagan, the awesome ancient town!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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