Saturday, February 27, 2016

Trip to Tak Fa (sunflowers) and Ayutthaya

In last Dec 2015, I went to Bangkok for a week, taking a break from a break. LOL I know that doesn't make sense... 

With all the friends I have in Bangkok, I stayed at my friend's house for a few nights and my ex-supervisor brought me to Tak Fa for a memorable trip!

Tak Fa is a district in southeastern part of Nakhon Sawan Province, driving distance from Bangkok about 2 hours. It's very obvious that you have arrived at the spot where both sides of the road are filled with flowers that you can't see the end!

Flower bed!

Someone with sensitive nose might not like this :P

Panorama view~ Woooo~

In the bed of yellow flowers~

This is how it looks like :)

Walking towards happiness~

True colours shown when you're with true friends.

The other side of the road~

Giant sunflower!

Lucky to be able to witness such scenery~


Lunch at a local place.
Deep fried pork skin :D

Tom Yam Soup~

This is the best fish I've ever tasted!
I was told it's the speciality of this place~

Stir fried glass noodles~

Lovely place~ wouldn't know it's a place that serves food~

After lunch we went to Bueng Boraphet non hunting area~

Sun set soon~

Lots of butterflies found here~

2 big birds and a small one~ ^_^

Such peaceful place~


Foot print.

Front or back? Both amazing~

Great company makes great trip!

The lake was supposed to be filled with lotus... the local vendors told us that all were dead due to bugs infection. 

Luckily there were still pots of lotus for me to snap~

So outstanding~


Tiny white little lotus~


I made some new friends too~ hehe

Local food~~~

Nostalgic~ :)

Phad Thai!

Dessert, steam bread with kaya (coconut paste)~


P'Nan and Dada~~~

The famous Buddha statues at Ayutthaya.

Must have! Coconut ice cream~ so so so good!

Black moo~

White moo~~~

Buddha Head entwined in a tree!!!

Lastly, a picture of me, after feeding the elephants sugar cane, it blew air towards me and made my hair flew~ LOL

I'm such a lucky girl to have friends around to bring me around, trying something new and going to places I've never been to. Also, places where only the locals are familiar with. 

I don't understand Thai language, so I do not have much information to share with you, just some pictures to share with you all~ :)

Places that my friends brought me to:

1. Tak Fa - for flower beds, no ends seen
2. Bueng Boraphet non hunting area
3. Ayutthaya (this is a tourist spot, easily access)

That's all for now~ ciao!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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