Saturday, October 1, 2016

A weekend getaway to Genting Sempah

Ever since joining the new company, I have quite some team building events going on from time to time which is something quite fun and nice.

Last June, after we ended the fiscal year, we went for a 2D1N trip to Genting Sempah and stayed in an awesome place which could fit 20 people!

It's The Bird of Paradise Villa, booked via Airbnb, a 4-storey bungalow with Jacuzzi (both outdoor and indoor) and swimming pool. How cool is that?!

The view from the bungalow~

One of the rooms~
It has a total of 5 or 6 rooms, can't remember.

Each room with beautiful and unique wall painting~

This is a super huge room with 8 single beds~

Even the walls are with paintings~

This is the theatre/karaoke room~

Beautiful hallway~

Boss is sleeping alone :P

Kitchen with appropriate facilities~

Haha! This was what we did mostly, mahjhong!

Hello neighbour!

Junk food~

Pool table!

The infinity pool~

And outdoor Jacuzzi! ^_^

So peaceful so zen.

Dinner time!
We paid RM30/pax for dinner and the staff prepared for us~

The fried vermicelli was really..... tasteless.

The was the best!
Nicely done~

Youngest kid in the team.

It wasn't too early, but it was still misty.

Breakfast is included.

I really like this living room~

Back to KL, lunch at Chinoz KLCC.

Just a relaxing trip~ was really nice to get away from the city and spent sometime with the team. It's really a cool place, host did an awesome job keeping the bungalow in good quality.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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