Sunday, August 22, 2010

No shopping but.......

Warning: This is an extra long post with many many photos.

Call me Angel.

In my master's hands.
I'm happy as always.

But master wasn't happy with the ugly cup.
Even more potong stim was.........

The emptiness after having this Tuna Pasta looking like Sardine.

This is Angel face. Master's baby.


A journey of indulgence's ambassador.
But no free ice cream given........ CHEH!!!

Looking indulgence~

This looks more like no free ice cream. >.<

If only.... someone buys me this cake and say "I love you" then give me a big hug.
I'd be smiling from ear to ear (bigger than this of course) for sure.

This is........... Paradise!

Pouring chocolate~ *but obviously the chocolate isn't enough*


It's really good that someone really loves you spends time to be with you. To bad it's not a him, my him, a male, a gentleman. But, thank goodness is a SHE!!! Because guys got no brain, no sense and clueless (for most of the time) !!! They're even harder to figure what they're thinking than women sometimes!!! >.<


No wonder some people said I look fierce. I thought I was smiling already when taking this pic.

Zoe: I adore you~~~

Jenn: Me too~~~
*triangular mouth?? WT..........*

Tahan nak gelak ke?

On the left: Orange.
On the right: Egg.

I was too thirsty so I had to curi minum a bit....

Jenn:" Yes~~ this is so lady~~~~"

Zoe:" Sui sui sui~~ one more!"

Jenn:" I should pose happily!"
I ended up looking like a mad girl............ @_@

Zoe:" Japanese AV girl!!!"
>.< I'm not lo~~~~~~~ I'm seriously NOT!!!

Potato Salad~

Fruit tea~
Practically with fruits... LOTSSA FRUITS!!!

Jenn:" Wait wait.... I want to cheers~"


Teeemoon trying to use a piece of timun to cover up her eye.

All time favourite cream sauce pasta~~~~


Usual routine.

Sexy laday~~~ next to me!! :D

No shopping, just hanging could be fun too. Lots of fun. :) Wishing everyone a great weekend!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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