Monday, August 9, 2010

The two bengkaks!!

People normally will have one said, which is "like father like son" or "like mother like daughter"... about sentences like that. Now, I wanna say, like owner like pet. You'd slowly find out later while reading through....

About 2 months ago, I went to Gosh club with a bunch of clubbing kakis. No doubt, it was truly happening and fun!! While I was tipsy, I broke a glass and it shattered into many many tiny pieces, some even went into my platforms.

My first action was squatting down and swept the pieces away... a few gentlemen (my friends la... ) came and held me up, checking whether I was fine. They brought me back to seat, and checked whether I got cut anywhere.

Me, being too tipsy and lazy, didn't even take off my platforms to clear the pieces away and continued to dance for the whole night. The next day (Sunday), when I walked around at home, I felt this tiny bit piercing pain on my left foot. I had it checked, no sign of glass pieces. So I just ignored it.

The next day (Monday), I went to work as usual. While walking to Petaling Street for lunch, I felt the pain on the same spot again and it was greater. After lunch back in office, I took of my shoe and saw blood stain on my shoe >.< I was like oh shit... FML this time. I tried to touch the wound, I could feel something poky... ok, certified, glass piece penetrated!!! I finished work, took train home and quickly showered so I could visit the clinic faster.

After shower, I couldn't find the poky thing anymore! Cheering up myself, I told myself that it had gone away!! YAY~~~ But later on, I found that it was actually the one whole piece all went into my foot!! FML X2!!

Saw the doctor, he told me that he'd try to take it out using a needle. If not, I'd had to get my foot cut and stitch. Well, needle failed. He cut some of my flesh away and stitched right away~~~ FML X3!! It was my first time (I'm not accident prone, this is considered something huge to me okay~~~~~~~) to get cut and stitched and I think the doc could see it. So he asked me to lie down and not to watch.

After the operation (doc said it is minor surgery okay~~~~), I was given anti-biotic and pain killers. But I'm allergic to pain killers!! FML X4!!! How?? Then changed another medicine, doc asked me to try. Then I had to go back to change the dressing once before removing the thread.

Back home.
Doc didn't even manage to clean my foot nicely... cos that part was placed on the cushion.
I had to limp for many days >.<

When I was getting ready to bed, I thought, I should take one tablet of pain killer. As I was afraid later the anesthetic had dissolved I'd be woken up from sleep. After 20 minutes, that was the time my nightmare (looks is something very important to a girl T_T) happened.....

Can you see some redness and some tiny bumps around my eyes??

25 minutes later... more bumps!!

This was about 35 minutes later...
I looked like shit!!!
I couldn't even take another picture when it reached the 40th minute. FML X5!!!

The next thing I know, I had to lie on bed immediately. I started to have sinus, mucus started to form. A lot of mucus!! And when I was breathing, I made sound like donkeys. Mom thought I was suffocating and about to call brother home to send me to the ER. But I assured her, my throat was not blocked. So I just headed to bed.

Having 2 eyes fully swollen, was not easy to sleep. They're very irritating as I couldn't "open" or "close" my eyes. I was ended up looking like Ultraman's wife with 2 eggs alike eyes. >.<

These were better... it was the condition on 3rd day of the swell.
I had to crop the pic. Really.
Even me myself, when I saw this look, I was so urged to give myself a punch right on this face!!
猪头丙啊!!!! "丙"她一锅先!!!!
Bengkak until nose also don't have ady. T_T

On the 4th day, I went back to work. My colleagues could still see a bit of swelling on my nose and eyes... SOB!!!!!! Having allergies is NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!

My wound...
But now, left only one red mark. Just like a dot you dot on the white board using a red marker.

After one week, I went to remove my stitch.

Ok, lessons learnt:

1. Always take off my shoes to clean the glass pieces.

2. Never ever tried pain killers again. (But doc said, I got no choice, have to do "test & error" wor!!) FMLX6

Ok, 2nd story. After reading the 2nd part, you'd understand what I meant "like owner like pet".

Here's Brownnie's left ear.
Normal thickness.

Here's Brownnie's right ear.
Swollen..... 3X thicker??

One night, when I was talking (Yes, I talk to my dogs everyday. They need communication too lo~~~) to Brownnie, my daily routine, when I was sayang'ing him, suddenly to my shock, I felt his bengkak ear! It's like a small blown balloon!!

I quickly checked whether his ear is hurt, bitten by anything. I couldn't find anything and he's not feeling anything. In fact, he was looking me like "what the heck has gone wrong to my master? She seems funny!"

So the next day, mom and I quickly brought him to the vet. I tell you, bringing him to the vet is the hardest ever!! I put him on leash, but had to hold and hug him when necessary. Every single dog he saw, he barked and rushed towards. Even the vet he went barking at people. I sweat more than I did when holding this fluffy thingy than after I mopped the house. >.<

Silly Brown with the red leash with white polka dots.
Hehehe... gay strap for him. LOL

I couldn't have done it without mom's presence.
I might ended up the passenger and Brownnie's the driver? @_@

The medicines Brownnie had to take and cream to apply.
The lucky thing is, it's super easy to feed him medicine, so much easier than Lulu!!
Oh, the vet said he has this swollen ear because he scratched ear too hard, the blood vessel snapped in his ear hence, the swell with full of blood in it. >.<
So we have to take very good care of this ear, let the blood turn into blood clot and it will heal.
By the way, Brownnie weights at 17.7 kg. HAHA!!

He really don't feel a thing.
See his innocent and boring face... :)

And Lulu didn't give a damn to Brownnie.
Sleeping all the way.... on the way to her lalaland~

Fi fi fo fum~ I'm such a bold and handsome canine!

And I can be a cheerful (old) chap.

瞻望着那遥远的她....噢Betty~~~~~~ 听到我的呼唤吗???

An artsy picture of Lulu...

Oh yeah~~~ oh left, oh right~
I can be very active too~~ I ain't a lazy bum~~

Hmmmm? What did you say???

Aiyak~ Too bright for him ady~

Don't ler~~~ Don't take my picture~~

His pink blooded (inside) ear...

Jenn:"Brownnie!! What you doing ha?? 鬼鬼祟祟,偷番薯 de look!"
Brownnie:" Ah...... no... I didn't do anything...."


One last random pic.
Dear London bus, thank you for being with me these years.
Went through all the "wind wind rain rain" with me and ended up peeling off.
I'm really happy that I've brought you home with me all the way from London. :)

Got nothing much to blog about recently. Good thing is, it's all peaceful and smooth :)
Maybe later I'd have more to blog about.... Hope you all had a happy weekend!! xoxo
Ciao ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Lea Spykerman said...

Yay for both blogger and dog!

blueyfetes said...

LOL!!! For having and had something swollen???

Anonymous said...

At least U know what are u allergic to. Ive no clue what I'm dealing with; so I've these pills and cream following me everywhere I go nowadays. Hives can appear anytime anywhere, spread all over me and in the end I've no choice but to go for injection - fastest and easiest solution.


blueyfetes said...

Eh....... one family all members having different allergies?? hahahaha.

Lea Spykerman said...

Haiyoh, yay for recovering lah. Swollen anything is no fun.

blueyfetes said...

LOL~~ Cos Brownnie's ear is still the same for now... still swollen... That's why I answered it that way :)