Monday, May 23, 2011

Before mid of May......

It was all fun and food. So I've gained back some pounds, now, back to the ultimate diet plan again. Pictures are for memories only :P

May's special at Pasta Zanmai.

Seafood Pasta~

I think its name is Double Chocolate - Gelato

Missing my long long hair now.... because I look dumb with the new hair.

Went to a home party~

Met a bunch of crazy girls~

Plus one freaking hand.

She adores me~ ♥

We rock!

With Bie and Tata~

We're looking good~ ^_^

Changed venue to Club 21, Changkat.

Like myself in this picture. Looks so nice~~~~

Belated Mama's Day dinner at Daorae, Hartamas.


More meat~~~~

All time favourite - fried glass noodles.

Beef soup!

Kimchi Tofu Pot

Uhhhh.... forgot the name, but not bad

At 12am, 6 girls went for steamboat.
Belle Belle's City got stolen after 3 months, now got a Swift.
Perempuan kaya!

MinJee! She just got married a couple of months ago. Awwww.....

Before she flew back to Bangkok~

Chopped off Cammie, oops!

Take 1, Cammie and Felicia closed eyes.

Take 2, Cammie still closed eyes.


You're so thin still wanna hide behind me.... =.=

Driving home after work, they sky was so red!

Mom said looks like there's a fire.

Egg tart from KFC, not bad!

The new chicken chop, don't bother to try, you'll be disappointed.

Tong shui~

Black sesame + tofufa~

Mango Pancake~

It's all cream, not ice cream.
So I dug, left the mango and skin only.

Nah!! My new hair. Looks to retarded T_T

Fish & Co~

Cola Tonic, I refilled 3 times this time. Highest record was 4 :P

Seafood platter for 1!
Big enough that you could share it~

Garlic and cream mussels!

The way to eat baguette is to dunk it in~

Tutti Frutti again~ ♥

I'm very happy and satisfied~ Peaceful life, no big changes, I love this the most.

To look stunning in Bikini, the ultimate diet plan has to be carried out again! Hopefully I can lose 4 kgs till then~ :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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