Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates of Cody and Abby

Time flies. It's already December. We got Cody and Abby since Aug this year from SPCA.

Both of them get along really well, even though they play too rough and make each other yelled in pain sometimes. Cody has gained some weight and not a skinny boy any more. While Abby, slimmed down a bit on her stomach, looks fit now.

Abby: I'm so sleepy.....


This is how she sit. LOL

Both are very active, it's rare to get picture like this  :)

LMAO!!! Cody you look so stupid!

Abby: I'm meditating happily.... 

Abby: Ohmmmmmm

Love you 2~

Sad face.... very very sad. 

Cody: I've very long legs as you can see~

Admiring his own nails.

Cody: Hmmm? I hear "mum-mum"!!


Abby ♥ me


Double licks~

Abby very pandai!!

Cody: Yum! *lick lick lick*

His favourite chew toy~

With Cody and Abby at home, definitely made our home merrier and I'm so happy to come home as they're always there for me no matter what time it is. They have helped me to heal, faster.

I'm so happy to you both.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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