Saturday, December 15, 2012

East coast road trip - 1 (Tanjung - Muar - Gopeng - Kluang - Mersing)

I was supposed to go Beijing with mom for 8 days, but she wasn't able to make it in the end. I've got my leaves approved, so I went for a trip around the east coast for 5 days. It was quite different, a first road trip where every night we spent in different places.

The rough journey:

KL - Melaka - Johor - Pahang - KL

First day, I took a bus to Melaka to meet friend, then started the road trip next day. First day was basically all about food.

Tang Shifu at Jusco, Melaka.

Overnight at my friend's place, and next morning, we departed as early as 7am, to have breakfast, then started our journey.

Dim sum.

So homey, love it. 

Holiday makes me happy ^_^

After 2 hours, we arrived at Tanjung, Johor.

We didn't mean to stop here, but 1 of my friend had to attend pay respect at a funeral. So, me and another friend were dropped here for about an hour.
Some funny looking fountain. 

It's a very relaxing park, by the sea.

Saw many children around~ 

Walked along~

So green~

Arghhhh.... bad shot.

Very cute boy~

Wanna pinch~ :P

Why is there a train here......

Around 11am, my friend got back, then we head to Muar for lunch~

Go to Muar, of course have to eat otak-otak!

Char kuey tiaw was not bad too!

This is the place we ate~

Then, drove awhile and reached Yong Peng~
Yong Peng fishball, very famous!

Really the original one? We didn't know we would stop at Yong Peng, so did not do any research.

Departed and reached Kluang, the train station.


The first Kluang Rail Coffee.

RM 0.70 fried meehoon.


A coffee shop that located at a train station.

So nostalgic....

Heading to Mersing~

Find the logo, made from cloth. 

Next post will be Mersing, a wonderful town :)

Been sick for more than 2 weeks, fever, migraine, nausea, cough and flu, therefore the delay. Plus, I feel not interested to all sorts of things, just feel like staying home and do nothing. Sign of depression?

Sleep now, ciao!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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