Sunday, June 10, 2012

2 days 1 night in Malacca

I think everyone enjoys traveling a lot more than working. I am definitely one of them. After Koh Lipe's trip, I went to Malacca with my bestie and look for our hunk :P

To find out who's the hunk, please click here.

It was Public Holiday and also school holiday. Oh damn! It took us 3.5 hours to reach, but, considering we're lucky enough.

Welcome to Malacca!
Speed limit is 80 kph but we were not moving!!

We started the journey without breakfast, arrived at Hunk's place at 1.30pm.
Quickly, we went to have Nyonya food at Family Heritage.


Hungry faces; happy~

Ayam Pongteh~

Love this man~

Kangkung. Generous amount of chili, garlic and dried shrimps.
Love this the most.

Asam fish~

Next station: Baba Nyonya House

So historical.

Too many people to join the tour, so we ended up just having a drink at the cafe.

Holding a camera in my hand taking a picture of another camera in my hand :)

No, I wasn't drinking alcohol.
It's Kiwi Soda which tastes a bit weird.

Very homey, yet mysterious to me.

Afternoon tea corner.

Back street, away from the busy street.

Chinese paper cutting.
Good stuff that you could get from this shop.

The famous Orang Utan House.

Scary shit.

The dragon.

Queued up to get the ice kacang.

Ate the ice kacang looking at this dude.

The newly built hotel, Casa Del Rio.

Even better if it's a swimming pool.

Dining area.

I wanna spend a night here..... :)

Nice view.

Lane for bikers.

Next station: Satay Celup

Night out was supposed to be at Mixx, but we went Library.

Our bed for that night.
Thanks hunk!

Where is Tong Pak Fu?? hahaha

Taufu with minced pork~


Next station: Klebang

Durian Kite!

Hunk said Klebang not that nice, let's go to Pantai Puteri~

More shades and people here~

Hot babe and hunk.

Candid! Babi face!


Me in You.

Love the sky~

My habit.

Free walk by the beach~

Like the composition~

Some alive, some dead.


Very blue sky; very hot weather.

Two tiny people.


The kites brighten up the sky~

Nothing beats a trip with companions that understand you...
I really had a good time.

Peeping Tom.

I'm in love with you~

Smart Tom~

If you want to stay nearest to Pantai Puteri, get this hotel.


We departed at 4pm, jammed until sun also set....

It's such a blessing to have great people around you that care and love you. It's also a blessing that we're safe and healthy, chances to go travel once in awhile and a peaceful life.

Tonight, I'm being really emotional; laughed and cried but that's alright, I have a happy life.

Cheers and coming up next, Fraser's Hill. Cheers!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading ur blog. and nice fotos :)

blueyfetes said...

Thanks again! I guess you are Rob?