Friday, June 22, 2012

A day at Fraser's Hill - Part 2 (Ye Olde Smokehouse)

After boat riding, we went to the Ye Olde Smokehouse, a historical building that serves very very nice scones!


British style~

It's such a comfy place to chill and have afternoon tea!

Welcome welcome~

Side gate to the back of the building...

Another entrance :)

His coffee tea latte.

My iced chocolate.

Yummy brownie!

The most delicious scone that I had (in Malaysia)!
A bit regret that I ordered only 1 >.<



Another cozy corner...


Dinning area~

Artsy pic.

You can choose to sit outside too~

A bit hot that day when I went...

Fresh fresh air~

Birds are everywhere~ ♥

Flower pot~

After the afternoon, we walked around in nearby places....

Flower~ just like my nickname :P


Look so elegant~

Small small flowers~

Spider spotted!

Bite me, I wanna be Spiderwoman!

A helipad~

I think this is a golf course.

BSN, the only ATM.

Puncak Inn, the next time I come, I want to stay here~

The clock tower~

Guess what?
The post office!

Police station!!
So cute~~~

LOL... this was supposed to be the entrance.
When leaving only took the pic.

Contented face~ ♥

Night time, back to Teow Chow Seafood Restaurant, Sri Bintang Kepong to have dinner.

Claypot Taufu - RM 12.

Vege - RM 6

Awesome Possum Salted Egg Crab - RM 71

There, my 1 day trip ended happily although small accident happened in between.

Nice to catch with you friend~ :) just like old times, except, you look shorter and fatter now :P


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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