Monday, August 6, 2012

In loving memory of our dearest Brownnie

Our beloved Brownnie just passed away and went to meet his dearest mummy Lulu last Saturday 28 July 2012. He was born on the July 2010, together with 8 other siblings. He was one fine sweetheart with nice golden brown coat that most people thought he was a Goldie mixed.

Few months back, we found him unable to walk properly and brought him to the vet and was diagnosed with heart problem and Arthritis. The vet also told us to get prepared as Brownnie would not recover, only would be worse.

At the age close to 12, we knew he would leave us one day. We only hoped that he would not suffer from any pain, just hoped that he could just doze his days off while he was still alive. The worst thing happened, he could not walk any more. He ate, past urine and motion at the same place he slept.

On the 28 July, we decided to bring him to the vet as few days ago, he went unconscious for a few hours and made me thought he was leaving. The vet said it was because his heart was too weak to pump blood to all the areas in his body.

When arrived at the vet, he was given ultrasound scan, found his organs all swollen due to his heart problem. We decided to put him to sleep as the vet advised us so as well. I stayed there with him while he was injected, to comfort him so that he wouldn't be afraid. That was definitely heart breaking and devastating; only an injection and a life can be taken away. Until today, I'm still petrified with that scene which made me feel acid rushing in my guts every time I thought of it.

However, it's good that Brownnie no longer suffers and I hope he is with dearest Lulu now, running on a meadow happily. Below are some pictures I've taken all these years, to dedicate our love to him. May you rest in peace my mate, my man, my love.

When I first got the ever first digital camera, it was year 2006, he was 6 years old then.

soooo handsome!!

LOL!!! I found him looking like a penguin!

Eating grass to treat upset tummy.

Shitting. LOL

The happy tails with mom :)

First time to the vet in year 2006.

Poor boy.

Dozing off was his favourite thing to do.

He also liked to hide his leg.

Always this killing innocent look!

He was definitely a mummy's boy.

Always in the same pose :)

Sleeping pose also the same~

Don't look at me. You might think I had plastic surgeries before. LMAO

Treats time!

Lining up!

Waiting patiently.

Brownnie's face said it all, give it to me fast!

They're always together :)

The sincere face.

This caption is definitely "HUH!!!"

Eager over the treats~

He was so fine.

Shooo sleepy~~

Ahhhh~~~ mummy kissing me~~~ ♥

So crowded.

He always used his innocent face to win something :)

2010, getting old.

Steadier by then.

He scratched his ear too much until it swollen with blood.

Sad with his swollen ear.


This is definitely a dumb look!! LOL

Always snoozed after bath.

Camera shy!

Looked so old yet still handsome.
Like a photo frame :)

After Lulu passed on, he immediately got older. Mom said that because he lost his mom, he didn't feel like a baby anymore...

He had skin problem when he was in old age, so my brother groomed him. Hahahaha

2011, 11 years old.

I'm so glad that we took picture together....

There, he snoozed...... awwww

Always like to see his sleeping face :)

CNY 2012, he was wandering around the house.

He looked so so so old....

In his late dog's life, he just slept his days off...

Sleeping so soundly....

Lazy bum.

Human grows white hair in old age, so does dog.

Favourite shot, so cute like a patung!

Visit to the vet in July, manja'ing mama.

He weighted only 17 kg.... used to be 23kg or more :(

Brownnie:" I've waited very long~~ it is my turn yet???"

Rewarded him for being good boy, but was so confused which to have. LOL

On the 26th July, just 2 days before he was put to sleep, I came home and found him unconscious....

Brown Brown, I promised that I wouldn't let you be alone, and I did it.
I was with you till your last breath...

Our last picture together, but you weren't awaken.....

The day we sent him to be put to sleep.

His last meal before being put to sleep.

RIP my man. I'm missing you day and night.
You'll always be in my mind bright and shine ♥

My dear Brownnie, I'm missing you day and night every hour every minute..... every time I come home, I don't see you; when I'm going to out, I don't see you; when I feel like crying and want to hug you; you are not there... You were such a great companion to me, with that innocent, dumb and sincere look, always made me smile.

Now that you have gone for good, you stay in my mind and heart, always. Leaving all the paw prints, forever prints, you are a very successful dog you know? Don't worry about me, I'll move on together with you; just in different space.

I love you always, sign off, jie jie.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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