Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sekinchan Go!

A long waited trip to see the padi field had finally came!

We departed at 11am, and arrived there around 12.15pm. It's not near to the city yet not too far.

It was perfect time for lunch. Food that you must try when you're in Sekinchan is seafood and baby shark meat.

Very traditional way to serve tea and ice :)

Crab! Always my favourite.


Believe me or not, this is prawn.
The restaurant's speciality.

There! Shark meat.
I find it just ordinary.

Lala!! The last dish.
When the bill came, total only RM75. Where to find? Sekinchan it is.

This one was introduced by Ah Xian before, but I didn't eat here.

We ate here, a restaurant without a name. ^_^

Wrong timing for Padi field, but I find it quite soothing still.

The funny mother and son.




Love the tones.

The hard work from the farmers.

After that, we left and stopped by Kuala Selangor for some prawn crackers shopping.

The "long legged" house.

Dirty port.


In the process of drying.
Solar power's the best!

LOL!! If you wanna hit one, you know where to go~

Goodbye till we meet again :)

It was just a simply family day outing, but happy enough. Hope we will have more outing like this in future.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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