Monday, January 7, 2013

East coast road trip - 2.2 (Rompin and pekan around)

After we left Mersing, we reached Rompin! 

A very big and unique signature :D

It was time for lunch, lucky for us to have found Bak Kut Teh, by the beach!!

Picture of me sitting on the bench with a guy has not reached my hands yet..... 

Prop added :P

Nice beach :)

Hot and windy~

Clean beach. No rubbish spotted.

Message in a bottle to whomever out there.....

A very professional photographer. 

Goats were seen everywhere~

Left Rompin and reached some where.... We did not really plan our destination and what to see during the trip, since it was a road trip, we could stop whenever we liked. It was awesomely fun! Surprised to find many cool places too.

Trees and beaches, I love!

Mom and son. 

And another son~ ♥


Hi "me". Thank you for always being there, I love "me".

The artsy tree.

The weather was really good. The sky doesn't look too "Malaysia" to me. LOL

The quiet national road.
National road, way before highways were built. 

Goats again!

After we left the beach, we bumped into this Malay village, gave us surprises as well.


The river is really dirty, contaminated.
Surprisingly, pictures turned out looking good.

It's my home, no entry.

A peaceful place.

I miss travelling.... 

Coming up next, Kuantan.

Happy New Year! Sorry, was a bit late, but better than nothing! Hahahahaa

All the best to my family, friends and myself! May it be a blessed and good good year to you all~~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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