Tuesday, January 29, 2013

East Coast Road Trip 3 - Teluk Cempedak

After we checked out from Riverside Boutique Guesthouse, we arrived at Teluk Cempedak, a place where I got surprised again :)

I think it's quite well managed, clean and very beautiful.

They have Mc Donald's and Chatime.

Peaceful and nice~

Very clean beach!

Feels like I'm owning the beach :)

Surprise view #1

Surprise view #2

We then walked along the metal bridge to the other side of the beach... 

Tiny bridge~

Perfect dating spot?

Lots of big big rocks~

Traffic light spotted :P

Boat on the beach.

Still quiet~

Artsy pic again~ ^_^

The boys gone, so I had to do self-shot.

Good good good weather~

Pattern on the sandy beach~

sharp edges.... 

Noon time is even more beautiful!

Matching cap and tee? :D

I'm tanned, instantly.

View behind was awesome!

Surprise view #3

I wanna smile every day! :)

Tiger: Yo! Welcome to Mc D's!

大佬~~~ 唔好啊~~~~

Best place to take a rest~

Surf up!!

Bye now! I'll be back!!

Next post, Sg Lembing~

Thanks for reading.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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