Tuesday, March 12, 2013

East Coast Trip 4.5 - Termeloh and Jeruntut

 After we left Cherating, we arrived at Termeloh. A town where I've walked another suspension bridge (damn scared!).

Like a mini dataran

It is so much higher in real.

Nescafe river. 

The cloud on top left corner looks like an animal's head.
A dog? A cow?

*shaky shaky*

I'm still terrified by just looking at it.

Like this street. 

Didn't buy from this stall, for illustration purpose only.

The so darn big nangka!
Ate till fingers also smelly :P

Go green or vehicle advert?


Check-in at the Hotel Darul Makmur.

Only twin beds available, RM98 nett. 

Let's pray for Japan!

Dinner at this Chinese Restaurant that made me felt like attending a wedding. 

Some abalone dish.


Some snail dish.
Very delicious indeed. 

Good duck.

Ok, done with day 4. Will post about day 5 - Taman Negara soon!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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