Saturday, April 6, 2013

East Coast Trip 5 - Taman Negara and Bentong

Very fast, it was the end of the trip. Right after we had breakfast, we departed to Taman Negara for a short exploration. 

We arrived and got to the "information counter", actually a small hut and asked about entrance and transportation.

Everyone (all visitors are blonde that day) was with big backpacks, getting ready to go into the forest and staying for a few nights.

Only us, that were going in for a few hours. LOL

So we had a boat (sampan) of our own, RM60 if not mistaken to send us to the canopy, walked and came back. 

Sunbathing my legs were fun.
The result wasn't. 

Nice scenery along the river.

Suspension bridge again.

Big old tree.....

Got stung!
Swollen for 2 weeks.... >.<

Committed suicide fella.

My favourite kind of picture, artsy.


It was a very sunny day.

On our way to Bentong, we saw this man with tiger.

Very good Loh She Fun~~~

Guong Fu Chow~

This is very yummy too!

A lovely town with lovely clouds :)

It was another relaxing and fun trip I had last year. Yes, year 2012 October. Time flies so fast and the good thing is, another trip coming in 4 days! I'm so excited~~~~


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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