Friday, April 26, 2013

Macau - Hong Kong 8D7N trip - Day 3 (all about food)

Nothing much on the day three, just kept eating from morning till night! Oh yes, I've gained so much weight after this trip, now trying to tie up my stomach to slim down before another trip begins :D


Our breakfast at this MianXian shop just opposite our stay in Mongkok.

I ordered soup with beef :D

My sexy babe had super duper spicy soup with lettuce.

After we had breakfast, we headed to Central to meet my colleagues in HK, then shopped and walked around in Central area. We went to this awesome restaurant to have dimsum, but too paiseh to take any pics, so, no pic!!

吃了早餐,去了中環找我的同事,然後在中環到處逛逛。同事帶了我去茶樓喝茶吃點心,好有水準哦~ 但是很不好意思拍照,所以就沒有照片啦~ 

Night time, we started "sweeping" the street food.

Really smelly >.< from far already could smell this smelly taufu.

Giant beef balls and some dumplings.
特大牛丸和類似餃子的小食~ 有人每天晚上都吃這2個.... 呵呵

The crunchy octopus~

After the junk food, we went to have dinner at Fuk Kee Congee. This is porridge with beef with roasted goose.

吃完小食,我們去了富記粥品吃晚餐~ 這是火牛燒鵝粥~ 猛啊!

This is bakchoy and beef in kueytiaw soup~ Very different from ours.

這是白菜牛肉河粉湯~ 味道和我們的很不一樣,但是還是很好吃的~

Walked around and saw this egg puffs and had to try~ Not so nice, had better ones in Yuenlong~
到處逛逛時看見有雞蛋仔,立刻買來吃~ 但是不是很好吃,在元朗吃到更好吃的。

Another food stall~~~
小食檔,在旺角,拐個彎就有了~ 到處都是。

Waiting for her ice cream happily!

The happy kid with her ice cream~

Before headed back to our place, we had supper at Seaview Congee Shop. Porridge is soooooo smooth!!


Yau char guai~

The soy milk is very smooth and aromatic too!

That was how I spent the third day in HK. Goodness!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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