Sunday, June 9, 2013

In loving memory of Abby the sturdy girl

 Dear Abby,

We brought you home from SPCA last year 27 Aug, Hari Raya, a very special day.

From the first sight, you were so cute and timid; but once I entered the kennel, you had jumped on me and I immediately made the decision to bring you home.

You were such a sweet heart that welcomed us home whenever we got home from outside. You were naughty at times, or I should rather say playful; brought so much joy to our family and Cody.

Maybe it was the past, where you might had being abused and a survivor of distemper fever, you're such a strong and understanding girl. 

Last week, after a couple of days of vomiting and no appetite, we had sent you to the vet for check-up. The next day, you had started vomiting blood and in the end, you had passed on on a Sunday morning (30 May 2013). I'm sorry I didn't get to spend enough time with you and I didn't get to see you for the one last time. I hope you suffer no more and now in a better place.

The blood test report was out only after you left, caused by acute renal failure, might be something poisonous you had swallowed. If it was someone poisoned you, they will have their karma soon. If it was an accident, I wish you will have a better life there, this world was too cruel and tough for you..... 

Abby, you will always be in my mind and my love be with you always. I will always miss your affection and smiles. Lots of love~

Your happy smiley face that I will always miss~

Glad that we did take pictures together, one of my favourite because you were smiling!

Although the time you stayed with us was short, I do hope it was a wonderfull memory for you as it was really wonderful for me... 

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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