Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day trip to Pattaya - part 2!

 Dear blog,

So sorry that I've been neglected you for so long without updates.

Been busy with moving house and vacation. Just got my pc assembled then only I could continue to write now.

After the hi-tea at Hilton Pattaya, we went to Mimosa, a newly built place. We arrived there slightly late, it was all dark. Supposedly need to pay for entrance fee, my friend told the staff that we are all beautiful girls and he let us in without paying! Hhahaha!

The lip-sync show.
I find her gesture looks like: Macha~~ how could you do that???

The girls~ ♥

The mermaid.

Looks like the Venetian Macau. But this is real sky~

Like the colours.

Only then I knew, how swans sleep.

Cocktail bar.

Another cafe.

After Mimosa, we departed to have dinner. SEAFOOD DINNER!!!!

Huge prawns!!!

Green mussels.

Fish cake, lemon sauce in the middle.

This is the first time I tried "wet" salted egg fried squid.

Don't be fooled by this fish. It is so spicy!!! Even spicier than tom yam~

Soup with vege, glass noodles, fish and meat balls~ ^_^

The restaurant has a dessert place.

Yoghurt ice cream. Looks good, tastes normal.

Giant crab!

Know this is a short one, will try better next post.


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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