Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exploring Terminal 21

After 2 nights stay in Chong Nonsi area (BTS station), we decided to move to Asoke area (BTS station), The Continent Hotel, a newly built 5-star boutique hotel. It's only door step away from BTS station and Terminal 21, another newly built shopping mall.

The sign at the entrance as one might missed the building.

Kiwi and warrior.

Every floor with different theme and city.

I've requested for a space theme.

With a see through bathroom, if you'd like to share the business :P

Drinks in the fridge, all tagged.

Terminal 21 shopping mall, another cool place to discover. Lots to see and lots to explore. It might give you the impression that things you find here are very expensive, don't worry, you can get things in decent price.

Every floor, different city as well. They have Tokyo, London, Rome, Paris and etc.

This is Tokyo street~

Scary shit they are!!!


BJ Jeans...... hmmm.......

Beep beep~ London bus~~


Hey~ I quite admire you~


Oscars in Bangkok~

Hello Woody~

Buzz Lightyear!

If only, you're bigger~

Be hold!!!

After exploring Terminal 21, we went to Jim Thompson House and Museum as he's one very famous business man and brand of producing silk.

It's easy to get there, easiest way is by taxi. To avoid traffic and a more convenient way, take the BTS Skytrain and get down at National Stadium.

Admission fee is THB 100, guided tour with interesting stories and things to see in the house.

This is the outlook, no photo in the building.

fishy fishy fish~

Key for locker.

The very cute guide~

In the making of silk~

After Jim Thompson house, we went to visit our Korean friend in Bangkok. Lucky enough, her mother is in Bangkok too! So we had authentic home cooked food!!! So yummy~~~~

Chae Yong~ she's a girl~ frowning when I was taking this picture though...

Kimchi, is a must have in Korean food.

Some pork ribs cooked with special made Korean sauce.
This is my favourite!

Kimchi Salmon~ a bit too hot for me...

That's all for today. Hopefully next post will be up by end of this week! 

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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