Sunday, April 13, 2014

Family trip to Bali, Day 1

I don't remember when was the last time we had a family trip, so last year during Air Asia promotion, we bought tickets to Bali, Indonesia for the period of 21-25 Feb 2014, 5 days trip.

Flying from KL to Bali is about 3 hours, depending on the weather and traffic as flights in Indonesia always got delayed.

We bought the early flight, around 9am.

We landed in Bali's new airport, so everything was good, except the custom. It took us 1 hour + queueing up and another 30 minutes + or so to get our luggage. So if you are going to take other transportation after landed, I suggest you to estimate more time for precaution.

Hello Bali!

We were so hungry as we just had breakfast in KL and did not eat anything during the flight. So after meeting with our driver cum tour guide, Panji, we asked him to bring us to have lunch first. (Will provide the details of the guide in future posts)

It was almost 3pm, so we were the only customers!

A path to tropical restaurant~

Can spot my mom? :)

The wayang kulit (shadow puppets)


First time in Bali, didn't know what to drink yet, so I ordered Ice Lemon Tea.
I wanted to have less sweet, so I told the waitress "kurang manis" like how we do as Malaysians.

Then my brother said, "tak mau manis" to the waitress.
Then he told me, in Indonesia "kurang manis" will be overly sweet as they thought "not enough sweetness", so added more sugar for you.

Lucky to have one that always travels to Indonesia.

The biggest fan for coconut :)

Bebek nasi goreng (fried rice with duck meat).

Soto - local dish of soup with rice noodles or rice.

Gado-gado - mixture of bean sprout and vege with sauce made of peanuts.
The sauce is a bit like the dipping for satay.

Grilled chicken, best!!!

This is the place we had lunch, not Dim Sum.

Chinese owner?

After meal, Panji brought us to Padang- padang Beach, a famous surfing point.
It is quite unique, where we had to take steps and walked past a cave-like way.
It was quite crowded when we arrived.

So I focused on the dogs here more. Such a cute pug~
Sandy nose... hehehe

Weather was so good to beach lovers.
Not to me that day, I was in jeans as we had not checked-in to hotel yet.

So I would suggest you to wear shorts if you're flying to Bali!

A wiener then joined the pug with coincidence, a hot body entered the frame.

We took another way when leaving... 

It's quite secluded as you can see..

I took a picture of this cow-like wiener, mom asked very surprisingly, why are you taking pic of it!!!???
It's very cute of course :)

Such nice cliffs they have in Bali~

It was a very very hot day....

First try, pana shot with my new cam - gx7!

I can sit and watch this all day~

Panji, our guide :)

Happy mom~

LOL at the one sleeping...

Then they changed position!

HAHAHAHAHA! Photographer in action!

Monkey king~

Then we headed to watch the Kecak Dance.
Spot the funny performer.

It is also well-known as sunset dance as by the performance ended, it will be dark.

Watching the sun set and also the performance at the same time.. such a bliss :)

Next character!

So cute posing for me~

Luckily I wasn't facing the sun directly.

OH!! White monkey!!!

It's sooooo beautiful....

And it's so short....

And the three musketeers and white monkey~

Burn! Burn! Burn the white monkey!!!

After the show, it was dinner time. We all wanted to try local food, so we requested Panji to bring us.

Teh botol, must try, must have :D

Bakso!!! Super nice!
This is chicken meatball~

This is chicken feet.
We ate so many bowls, like eat least 2 bowls each!

After that, we were brought to check-in at our hotel in Seminyak. We booked a 2 bedroom pool villa :D

I shall continue with it next post.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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