Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family Trip to Bali - Day 3

Time passes so fast when you're having fun!.

Today will blog about the 3rd day in Bali, the schedule as below:

Batik factory - stone carving - Kintamani Volcano - Tegalalang Rice Terrace - Monkey Forest - Ubud market - Four Seasons Resort Sayan Ubud Bali - warung ikan bakar (grilled fish)

The thickest pancake I had.

It was a very good day.

Check out from our villa in Seminyak, will spend another 2 nights in Ubud.

First station, batik factory.


The most common/ famous stone carving in Bali.
You can see this anywhere, everywhere.

Hey piggie~~~ look here piggie~ :P

3 months to make one.

crying angel :(

Then a 2-hour journey to the volcano!

The picture is not showing how grand and beautiful it is.

Had buffet at the restaurant with the volcano view. IDR 100,00 per person.

One second it was sunny and the next it was raining.
So when you got the chance of a good day, snap the picture quickly!

Group pic at Tegalalang terrace.

My cute mom.

The couple.

Just like a painting.

The flower stands out in the good weather.

Somewhere by the roadside.....

I believe I can fly~

Still somewhere by the roadside ^_^

Looking for food.

Look up and saw a bunch of them.

Next station - Monkey Forest, Ubud

On nom nom nom~

Ahhhh~ so airy~


Baby~ sho sho sho cute!

And Panji had one monkey to sit on my shoulder.

Wow, whole new level.
Eating and peeing.

She loves me.... she doesn't love me.... she loves me.... 

The mascot.

The monkey king relaxing...

LMAO! That face!!


One artsy pic.

Cute pic with mom :D

Looks ancient, but was told it's here not more than 10 years.

Argh~~~ I have strong jaw!

LOL at the one behind! 

Using pancake lens to shoot all these pictures, no zooming at all.

Another baby~

Then we went to Ubud market.

Too hot, got to have ice cream~

Price list.

Before dinner, we didn't know where to go. So we asked for tea time and Panji brought us to this beautiful hotel - Four Seasons Resort Sayan Ubud Bali 


We went to their cafe to relax.

Classic Mojito, my all time favourite.
Love them giving sufficient lime!

Some titbits.

Drink and drive - Panji

Some passion fruit drink.

Dessert looking like pyramid.

The view.

Stay a night here cost RM 1500 onwards... if not mistaken.

Dinner time, being the local again, we had "ayam bakar" (grilled chicken)

They are famous for grilled fish, but sold out.

Really love Bali. The food, the people, the sceneries, the art, the culture and everything :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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